Guess What? This post has no nice picture with it because by the time I thought of taking photos, it was all gone. I was a happy girl. So, I would put in MY PICTURE to show you how happy I was.

It began with a bit of caramel. I was experimenting with caramel (okay, yes, again!) and after letting a batch of lovely golden buttery caramel meld solemnly in my humble wok, I suddenly thought… Hey, why not add white chocolate to this?

I think that says it all. I put in some chopped white chocolate chunks and let it get acquainted with the caramel as I turned the heat off and then poured the resultant golden goop of beauty into a pan filled with some chunks of toasted and salted cashew.


After this picture there were all mouth and no words. In all the inappropriate ways possible.

Goodnight people. I am a happy woman tonight. 

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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