It’s sort of a thing, you know.

I love gaming. I am not a fan of most games, but I stick to a few, and make sure no one can stand up against me in it.

Didn’t know that about me, did you now?

Okay, maybe you did.


But seriously, I like gaming. A lot.

And when the new Transformed T100 from ASUS was presented to me, I had only one thing in my mind – can this truly transform my gaming experience? Because mind you, I don’t game light. The stuff I generally play tend to take up all the RAM in my PC and then some. Ever heard of the word “LAG”? Well, in the world of MMORPGs, that is a bummer, and that’s what I have there.

So what would I be impressed to see?

Well, if the new ASUS T100 gives me perfect gaming experience, both online and offline, while I’m on the move, I’ll accept – it’s cool.

But if it’s not, I’m not sure.


But while you’re at it, check out the new T100 here.

Disclaimer: This post is a response to ASUS #TimeToTransform contest in association with Indiblogger.

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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