I have a little thing for Plush. It’s private.

I like the place.

Okay, there.

And when you mix it with lovely music, you’ve hit pay dirt.

Premjit on the drums.

A few weeks ago, Supreeta Singh from The Astor Hotel had asked me to join in, but well, I wasn’t getting the time (or the energy) to show up. But then I was blackmailed told to appear, or else. By no other than two of the musicians who were playing there this Thursday (Big Family Blues Ensemble). With Rupsha singing, Rohan on the Guitar, Stuart on the Bass, and Premjit on the drums, the band kicked off with a bang, and I had a lovely evening.


The night was electric and although the crowd was not too huge (THANKGOD!), they were totally charged up by the lovely music.

As always, no night can be a good one without a few pictures of friends having fun. At least, I did not put up the videos of people dancing.

And there’s me with Rupsha and my friends!

Thursday Jazz Encounter currently is on every week, and you should make a visit. They have a few other bands too, and there are special offers on drinks.

The Astor Hotel
15 Shakespeare Sarani
Kolkata – 700071

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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