For those who don’t know about this part of my work, I often review makeup and beauty products for a number of blogs, as well as my own. In my line of work, appearances count a lot, and looking good is important. But well, truthfully speaking, you can’t keep looking great all the time, right? You are bound to make faux pas, and of course, there are times when you will falter. But, here are three simple makeup tips which can save you, like it saves me, in times of trouble.

1. Good concealer is worth its weight in gold. I have major insomnia related issues, and skin problem, and I break out a lot. So, getting a concealer is a must. I have a couple of shades in my kitty, and I use them considerably. One of my favorite concealers are Laura Mercier Undercover which I use very often because it blends out into nothing within seconds, and it is very easy to set. You would need a bit of powder and you are done. With that, you can actually reduce redness around the nose and angry pimples, dark circles, and I have often used it as a makeup base, especially for eye makeup. I also find MAC concealers to be pretty nice, although they tend to get a bit too yellow for my liking.

2. Pick a neutral eyeshadow which can be used as a highlighter as well. I generally have a few, but Sand from Revlon’s Colorstay Shadow Links is my current favorite, and I have reviewed it here. You can pack this one as much or as little as you want… the best part is, you can easily blend this in, use it as a highlighter, mix it with body lotion to give your skin a lovely shimmer, but not overwhelmingly so. This looks great for virtually any makeup, and you can use it at the corner of the eye to make your eyes look brighter and more opened up.

3. Get that perfect red lips with a good lipstick which would stay on you. As a food blogger, I constantly worry about my makeup not staying in place after I have had a meal. So, long wear makeup is a big “yes” in my books. I love MAC’s matte shades for this, especially Ruby Woo and Relentlessly Red, and you can also find that perfect red for your skin tone. Just make sure you try a few on before you buy and do not go by the hype. A friend of mine wanted to get Ruby Woo for a very long time, so we got it for her. However, after the initial try, she realized it totally did not suit her. So, get the right shade of red which suits you. Remember, there’s something for everyone out there.

You can check out Beauty Glimpse for tips as cool as these, and more. I love that portal because it offers something for everyone, and helps you to become more stylish without spending a ton of cash. There are so many things to look for – tips, reviews, articles about wellness and beauty. They have amazing articles, and great tips for making you look great day in, day out.

I have noted that I have a slightly different notion of beauty than most. For me, real beauty is all about the attitude and how you can pull something off effortlessly. The most beautiful person I have met radiates beauty effortlessly, and it is not physical, at least. It is more about the spirit.

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Written by Poorna Banerjee

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