When I thought of Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve, I thought of a glass and two ice cubes. However, my best friend thought of cocktails. Dear readers, this is what happens when two girls on a slightly wet summer afternoon realize they have nothing better to do. They crack open a bottle of scotch and decide to make cocktails with it.
Disclaimer: You must try this at home. At least, if you are over the legal drinking age. It is positively sinful.
The first thing we did was make simple sugar syrup, for our drinks would have been rendered useless without a shot of sugar and water combined together. A batch of simple syrup is made by boiling equal parts of sugar and water till the sugar dissolves. As soon as that happens, switch off the heat, allow the syrup to cool, and then proceed with your cocktail making.
Cocktail making sounds so right somehow!
So, then you need some mint leaves. I love adding a bit of lime, so well, who are you to stop me from making my drink? I start by throwing 10 mint leaves violently in a lowball glass.
You might or might not be violent, but I like violence here.
You should also add a little slice of lime. It gives the drink a bit of… oomph.
Then you must add a bit of sugar syrup. Honestly. It’s up to you how much you want to pour in. I pour in a couple of teaspoons, but feel free to be as generous or stingy as you like. Then, using the back of a spoon, muddle the hell out of it.
Then, pour in some Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve, add some crushed ice, stir to combine, and then present it to a grinning friend. You will have a lovely day afterwards, sitting and chilling with your friend.
Disclaimer: This post is in association with Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve. The content is suitable for age 25 and above.   
Written by Poorna Banerjee

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