M and I at Indiblogger BergerXP meet

You see, I had a plan. When I was registering my presence with email address at The Oberoi Grand, I was calculating rapidly how soon I could get out without being rude. I was standing on the line, impatiently tapping my feet, as I was thinking about the time it would take for me to get out, go to my house, and hit my work table. I had a deadline at 11 pm, and it was something difficult to deal with, so I was thinking of doing a revision of the entire work.

“Do Dost Ek Pyaale se Chaye Piyenge. Isse Dosti Badhta Hai”

But then, isn’t it glorious when you meet people you know for ages, and those you have been stalking following through their social media pages and blogs? As soon as I finished registering, I spotted a few old, familiar faces, and a few who were newer acquaintances, but still, no less special. We chatted, posed in the photo booth, and, in general, were being very droll. If you call giggling loudly being droll that is.

Karthik DR

We met with members of the Indiblogger team. I vaguely remembered AJ from the very first Indiblogger meet held back when I had a different blog, and this time, met more people. We were warned of cranky people, but KDR was pretty happy to see pretty women.

Of course I am calling myself pretty!

Berger Presentation Snap

After our initial introduction (Where AJ did a mean Rammstein, and made us do that too! Shame on you AJ!!!), a series of beautiful photos of Kolkata (out of which we were supposed to caption one, and I did give a most appropriate caption to it!), and a presentation about the new Berger Paints Express Painting Service, which is supposed to make the terrible job of painting a breeze, we were then asked to take part in a painting competition, where one part was supposed to be about sanding a rough surface, and the other was supposed to be about painting.

Ready to operate on the whiteboard. 

We all geared up for the competition, and I took a cautionary Cetzine to keep my asthma and allergies at bay, and well, then we went at it like it was an old carrom board and we needed to play a tournament real quickly. Within a few moments, our board was as smooth as a baby’s bottom.

lookit me at operation table!

Of course, then came the painting bit. We decided on keeping an inclusive theme – celebrating the colours of Kolkata, and defended our case when asked. Anyway, we were pretty happy to see the winners, who we felt were extremely talented, and had a wonderful concept.

The “iiiish!” moment

Plus, they posed like this.

And this.

There are other, more embarrassing pictures of the man should you choose to look them up 

And tried to act like Shahrukh Khan but failed.

BergerXP Indiblogger Kolkata Meet, 2015 Group Photo. Photo Courtesy: Indiblogger

The meet ended on a high note, with loads of photographs (yes, I am still untagging a few, thank you very much), and a nice dinner. I made new friends, reconnected with old ones, joined in activities, and had a lot of fun at the #BergerXP Indiblogger meet, and well, nearly missed a deadline. Let’s do this more often, Indiblogger!

Disclaimer: Poorna Banerjee was invited to the Berger XP Indiblogger Kolkata meet at The Oberoi Grand. 

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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