Rocky and Mayur have ventured out to explore food from all parts of India and curate videos on  I’m contributing my part by relishing my favorite dishes at Tak Heng here, and sharing my views with you all!

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Ever since C returned from USA for a short trip home, she has been cribbing about momos and dim sums. She claims that American Chinese is nothing like Kolkata Chinese, and while she could get many things there, the Chinese food of Kolkata is what she missed the most. But when B messaged me and told me they wanted to go to a place called The Blue Door for dinner, I was slightly puzzled, but decided to join (we ended up there later). However, just up ahead in the road (Raja Basanta Roy Road) was Tak Heng, and when I asked the doorkeeper of The Blue Door if they had gandharaj lemon ice cream, he firmly shook his head to negate, and I leaped at the chance, called C and B to come to Tak Heng, and that was that!

Tak Heng Kolkata

 The dragon on top of the lit up sign board was a good sign for me  – to be fair, inside, the decor is mostly comprised of huge paintings and hangings, and some tables and chairs thrown together. When I entered, I was alone, but then, another couple of diners came over. This one is not even a month, so low footfall is okay. I asked for a glass of soft drinks, and waited for my two errant companions to come in, who had hopelessly lost their way by then.

South Kolkata Chinese Restaurant

 The menu is mostly all the things available at Tung Nam near Chhattawala gully, and the Chef is from there, as confirmed by the young man who was serving me my food. I picked my perennial favourite – the Pork Wonton Soup, and a couple of plates of momos for the other two to come and devour. Meanwhile, I looked around – pretty, simply decorated, clean – and exactly the kind of Chinese Restaurant I like – which feels like home.

Tak Heng Chinese Restaurant

 The wonton soup came with a heap of fresh greens and silky wontons laced with a bit of minced pork. The broth is light and flavourful, and the fresh greens make everything seem so much more healthy. I had ordered a small portion but it was quite heavy. I opened the little dispensers on the table, located some soy sauce and chilli sauce (they have their own version, and its excellent), and a few chillies soaked in vinegar, and slurped away.

Pork Wonton Soup Kolkata

 At this point, my two lost friends entered, and ordered more bowls of Chicken and Pork Wonton Soup. I had asked for a Roast Pork Chilli, with specific instructions to make it less hot and have a nice distribution of fatty pork. The pieces of sliced pork melted on my tongue, and the little hit of chilli and star anise was the perfect foil for it. However, those of you want roast pork to be with crackling and all, you won’t get that here, sorry. But, this is one of Tung Nam’s speciality, and I am happy to say, the taste is the same.

On the other hand, the Chilli Garlic Pepper Chicken was strictly okay – nothing to write home about. I would have wanted it to be hotter and drier and also slightly more sour – this dish was under-seasoned, and I wasn’t a fan of it. B did pick up a few of the chillies, and then hurriedly drank water to counter the heat.

Chilli Garlic Pepper Chicken

We had ordered two plates of chicken and pork momos, and they came with a lovely fresh chilli sauce, which was sour and green, and so tasty that we dunked our momos in them and fought for the last piece. The momos were filled with a mildly spicy filling, which went well with the chutney, but, to be fair, I am more of a wonton soup girl when it comes to Tung Nam, but well, the fact that there is Kaptai and Hamchoy on the menu makes me happy.

chicken momos kolkata

Although the prices at Tak Heng are considerably more than Tung Nam, it has air condition (BONUS) and parking space (BIG BONUS), and located conveniently at a place which can be accessed easily and doesn’t get waterlogged too often. That is good reason to come here. Also, all their food is inclusive of taxes, so what you see is what you get. And yes, I am going to do a little happy dance for another good pork and wonton place in town, which also serves up Kaptai (Pork Innards).

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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