I am presenting to you exclusive pictures from two of the most promising designers of the India Online Fashion Week that has started from 25th July, 2014 and will continue till the 30th. Check out the beautiful designs live at www.jabongofw.com where you can purchase what you see immediately. Also, get live streaming from the website. The grand finale will have Aditya Roy Kapoor and Yami Gautam walking the ramps.

  Rajdeep Ranawat:
Collection: “Beyond the Cold
The Fall Winter 2014 collection by Rajdeep Ranawat inspires from cold forests where myths are born and legends are created. Where civilizations have thrived and then withered away into oblivion. It captures the possibility of the blurred lines between imagination and reality.
By generating diverse digital and embroidered pieces, the collection tells innovative stories and delivers powerful ideas of fortress once beautified by the wild imagination of human talent and creativity and their eventual downfall to the wilderness. Creating garments in classic free flowing silhouettes, Rajdeep Ranawat tries to graphically capture a sense of degenerating mosaics and lost handcrafted artifact; crumbling architectural structures over run by the forest, of treasures lost and parchments dissipated.
Using pure fabrics like silk crepe, silk georgettes, organza and chandheri, the collection reflects its inspiration through its fabric treatment.
The colour story of the garments strives to create the winter mood for the collection. Seeking a dialogue with harmony between the embroidered and the digital, between the professionalism in his design and the familiarity in the treatment given, between the variety of styles and uniqueness of identities; Beyond the Cold is based in the variety and versatility of Rajdeep Ranawat’s resources and skills, the spontaneity of ideas and the heterogeneity of our Indian craftsmen, knowing that every garment is unique and singular.”

  ILK by Vinita & Shikha
Collection: “Beehive Yourself
Beehives- the collection gives a nod to naturally occurring geometric designs like hexagonal shapes synonymous with honeycomb patterns. Taking cue from nature, this seasons pieces reflect the beauty found in these six edged clusters.
Bees work relentlessly for the divine queen and show a sense of philanthropy for humans in every drop of honey they churn. This season’s ILK woman is honored with the title of ‘busy bee’. With a powerful mind and a sharp head on her shoulders, the silhouettes reflect a utilitarian aesthetic with depth beyond face value in terms of inspiration.  The pieces come together with intricate detailing and push the norm with a mélange of different textures and techniques. 
Ilk subscribes to the notion that we are immersed in these honey producing combs and can intangibly feel the textures, embroideries and shapes. The buzz of the energy within us fascinates us to dip ourselves into this beehive of thought and let our imagination ‘bee’ free.”
Check out more designer profiles here – www.jabongofw.com
Disclaimer: This post is a part of the India Online Fashion Week in association with Jabong.com
Written by Poorna Banerjee

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