Officially, I am supposed to finish off my sugar-free challenge on 13-03-2014. But I decided to stretch it one day more and round it off to an 8-day one. On Sixth Day I fumbled inadvertently, because I had ordered an egg roll in the evening, telling specifically I wanted NO SAUCES in it, and extra lemon and lime. After my meal arrived, I took a bite and froze because it definitely was SWEET! I opened the wrap and saw that there was a bit of tomato ketchup in the roll itself. I realized that in the last few days, my tongue was so used to not eating sugar, that even a small amount of it was sort of repulsive.

I posted a thread on Chef at Large where I thanked people for their help, and in the thread, there were A and M discussing tea, strong, without any sugar or milk. All of a sudden, I craved tea, of all things!

I decided to go out with Dee in the end for a round of tea at this lovely little cafe called Baithak. We ordered Nathmull’s First Flush, and with that, I decided on getting a Machhlibaba Sandwich.

The Machhlibaba Sandwich is my favorite – a thin fillet of perfectly grilled fish between two slices of generously buttered white bread, grilled lightly to retain the moisture in the fish, but with a bit of crunch on the edges. Served with a generous helping of plain chips, this was a light and delightful meal.

Dee wanted fresh lime soda, and declared it excellent. I was almost going to take a sip before I realized what I was doing, and declined.

My challenge ends tomorrow, 14th March 2014. I am pretty kicked up about it now. I wish I had taken up this challenge before, because I feel a lot of changes in my mind and body, which I will blog about soon.

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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