Chicken Wrap at Soho Bistro

I am in the last two days of my No Sugar plan, and since I was a not so nice girl on Sunday, I decided to compensate for it on Monday and Tuesday by being extra good to myself.

Time passes slowly.

Day Four began with me eating the leftover Tadka from Day Two for breakfast. I finished it, and hunted around for something edible for lunch . I finally homed in for some sauteed vegetables and a roti. The stir-fry was incredibly easy, and kept me full for three-four hours afterwards.

All I craved was sugar, though. It happened on and off through the day. The diet coke was taking its toll, I realized.

Panicked slightly, I decided on a simple dinner. Soup it would be, I told myself.

In the evening, I was working on my computer, when suddenly I felt cold, clammy and light-headed. I put down my work, closed my eyes, and lay down to sleep for a while. When I woke up, I was all right, but felt slightly nauseous.

I don’t know whether it was a sugar low, or something like that, but I decided on eating something quickly, and preferably heavy. I have been eating mostly light stuff, and my body was not willing to accept that. So for dinner I made myself some chow mien with a couple of handfuls of cooked egg noodles, loads of scallions, carrots, beans and chicken strips, stir fried over high heat with a splash of soy sauce, a dash of pepper, salt, and some chopped chillies.

Yesterday, I had to meet a friend for lunch. It was overdue, so we decided on Smoke House Deli. However, an unfortunate turn of events took her to SoHo Bistro and Patisserie, and I followed there. By the time I had reached, she had finished eating something and was eyeing the dessert segment.

Let me just give you ONE GLIMPSE of the kind of temptation I had to withstand.

In the end I chose something supremely sober compared to what I saw – Chicken Wraps. I also spied a chicken mushroom quiche which I decided to go for as well. I have to say, both the wrap and the quiche were fabulous, especially the wrap, which was spicy, not oily at all, and chock full of chicken strips and veg, and my darling friend decided to order a black forest mousse cake and proceeded to eat it right in front of me, complaining that it was “too sweet”.

I wish sometimes we could murder friends and get away with it.

Loads of work, and a cup of liquor tea later, I was hungry again. Sugar cravings were low, so decided on the easiest dinner possible – a couple of thin rotis with a couple of pieces of chicken, cooked by my mother.

The biggest scare till now was the sudden reduction in blood sugar and the subsequent sleep, but beyond that, I am good. And I think I might finally kick this habit of mine. Of reaching for something sweet at all odd times. 

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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