How do I play with my hair, I was asked!! That’s strange, I never thought how I did. But then, you know, people noticed. I actually asked others, because I am not conscious at all when I play with my hair.

And then a murmur came from right behind my left ear… You always tuck your hair away from your face, looping a bit of it around your ear. Does that count?

And I said… yes. It does.

Then, the voice got stronger.

I always see you pulling on that errant forelock of yours when you think too much. Does that count?

I said… Yes. Okay, you got me there!

Then…. the culprit tugged my hair and said… I like playing with your hair. It’s sort of springy, and sort of straight. How do you get to keep it so soft?

And I grinned and said… Its the same thing that works on everyone – love.

But who has time for love nowadays, right? Work pressure, travelling, and other commitments have kept me away from loving my hair and pampering it like it is supposed to be pampered.

And I feel terrible, you know.

So I would love to spend some time with my hair – love it and nourish it to the core with a healthy dose of Dove products for my hair.

Because Dove is so much of goodness in a single pack, that you would love doing the #DovePlay. It’s inevitable.

And just because I can, I will add a picture of my hair and me. Because readers, me with each and every one of my flaws, is real and perfect in my eyes.

Disclaimer: This post was written in response to the Dove Go Play contest in association with Indiblogger. 

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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