I’m unfortunately one of those people who loves food, and I tend to move heaven and earth at times to get it. When I had a layover at Suvarnabhumi Airport for about 8 hours or so, I spent a couple of it exploring SVU airport, and realized that it was a treasure trove of ridiculously good food just waiting to be discovered.


So, ideally when you enter the airport, you automatically go to the Main Terminal, which is on the second floor. Ideally, use the elevator to get up and down, and you would find a huge number of places to eat from, and I remember picking Burger King the first time I saw the place. There’s also Starbucks, Bon Chon, and several other chains. What I like is the presence of several Thai places, including Airport Cafe, which, apart from buns and sandwiches, also have an array of fruits and shakes.

Burger King at SVU

Burger King at SVU

But my favourite place would be China Town, which can always be relied upon for a bowl of Jook, rice porridge topped with your choice of protein. I generally pick Pork Jook with Crispy Pork and extra egg and crispy pork for roughly 140 baht, which is comparatively cheaper than the other stuff available there.

DSC_0580 (2)

My other favourite here is the Wonton Soup, with fleshy, white prawns and pork mince balls floating in a light broth. A handful of greens add to the health quotient, and a generous splash of soy is all I need to brighten up the dish.


If you are really on a budget though, you may consider going to the Family Mart where they have an array of buns, sausages, and puffs. These cost roughly 12-20 baht, and are good value for money, especially if paired with a drink. On my last visit, I picked a Pork Bun with a glass of Milo, and it cost me roughly 40 Baht for the lot.


The “Secret” Food Court in Suvarnabhumi Airport

If you really want to eat a good meal at Suvarnabhumi Airport within 100 baht or so, then I would definitely suggest the ‘secret’ food court in the basement. Frequented by mostly those who work there, I found this place quite by accident in the basement. So how to reach this place? Simple, just go down to the basement, and then walk to the end of airport towards your left. Ask someone about the food court if you don’t see it. Its got a small entrance but once you enter, you will be surprised to see a pretty big setup.

secret food court in Suvarnabhumi Airport

secret food court in Suvarnabhumi Airport

I was pretty excited to see the array of food here – from pork roast and crisp pork to roast chicken and traditional Thai dishes, this place has a huge array of good food. On my first visit, I checked the prices, and they were considerably lower. For example, check the pricing – you would see a half serving and a full serving here, and prices between 55-110 baht. That’s pretty low compared to the places upstairs.

Secret SVU Food Court Prices

Secret SVU Food Court Prices

There were rows of cooked chicken, prawns, crabs, and I had to pick a few things. On my first visit, I asked for some crispy chicken on rice with some vegetables.

Crispy chicken on rice

Crispy chicken on rice

This entire dish cost me about 60 Baht which was a major bargain. A slab of crisp, juicy chicken served over rice, with some cucumbers, it filled me up pretty well, together with a big glass of Thai Iced Tea, which was only 20 Baht.


On my second visit, I decided to try out some pork, and so, as usual, went for the crispy pork over some noodles.

Crispy Pork over noodles

Crispy pork over noodles

This one cost me roughly 70 baht in March 2017, and it was quite filling and nice. The crisp pork rind was lightly salty, smeared with a touch of sweet soy glaze, and I took vicarious pleasure in demolishing the crunchy pork rind, dipping them in the hot chilli paste kept on the side.

If you are looking for cheap places to eat in Bangkok Airport, then I hope this post helps. If you have a few places in mind, tell me in the comments. I would love to know about them!


Written by Poorna Banerjee


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    Wow, amazing. I ‘ve been to bangkok twice and of suvarnabhumi airport but I didn’t recognize those esp at the basement area. The only store Ive known were those at the kiosk of the departure arrea nearby the station where you claim your tax return. I missed bangkok

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    I never travel through the Suvarnabhumi Airport but I would love to try this nice (and certainly tasty) Wonton Soup, with fleshy, white prawns and pork mince balls floating in a light broth… Now, I’m hungry 🙂

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      I have a weakness for them. 😀

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