I am always attracted towards places with memories attached, and Kebab-E-Que is one such. Nostalgia hits me every time I enter, and this time, as I do so, I see Chef Aditya Das busily walks around, throwing orders around, and generally being the master of all he surveys.

Chef Aditya, Kebab-e-Que, Astor.

The new menu additions are a list of innovative dishes like the Avocado Shammi Kabab and the Bhuni Mirch Pudina aur Hare Pyaaz ka Jhinga, as well as the Lamb Anister. The Gosht Barra Kabab looks tempting though, and I irredeemably gravitate towards it.

Sufiyana Paneer Tikka

We start off with the Sufiyana Paneer Tikka which is very mild and creamy, with faint hits of fennel, and I would have probably liked it more had I not had the Chicken Kasturi Kabab, which was tangy and with a good hit of greens. Enough to make me feel healthy, though!

But then, there is this gorgeous fish dish called Machhi Chutney Waali with a layer of blended herbs and spices, topped with specks of deep fried red chillies. The fish flakes in my mouth, and I am looking out for the Tandoori rotis to go with it. They are soft and perfect for wrapping around the Mutton Rogan Josh we are served next. The meat is fall-off-the-bone soft, and we fight over the last bits of the spicy gravy.

Although R was the sole person to pick the Caramel Custard for dessert, we did not let her finish it alone. Spoons came out, and soon spoonfuls were gone. There is a bit of orange at the bottom which somehow takes away from the flavours of the caramel custard, so I was glad I got the Chocolate Mousse.

Chocolate Mousse

The mousse is nice, but somehow it made me remember those days when Kebab-E-Que boasted of a truly dark and bitter chocolate mousse, which was on my heart list. However, this one was all sort of tasty too, with a considerably lighter and fluffier texture, so well, I wasn’t complaining. Overall, a meal for two will come around 1000-1500 without taxes, and you can choose from their considerable range of alcohol for your fix.

The Astor Hotel
15, Shakespeare Sarani
Kolkata – 700071
Phone: 033-2282-9957

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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