Strawberry Balsamic Gelato

I am always up for ice cream, and when Mama Mia, one of my favorite Gelato places decided to get a makeover, with plenty of new flavors on offer, imagine my happiness! So, although it was raining cats and dogs, I braved the weather to get a taste of the new flavors, and dropped in at their Ballygunge outlet.

mama mia gelateria

The place was buzzing with people, even on a day when people were not that keen on going out, thanks to the rain, and a small exhibition of some photos were on the wall, aimed at raising funds for Nepal Earthquake. I looked at some of them, then made a beeline for the man serving the different flavors of Gelato.

mama mia gelato kolkata

Some of their old flavors have been improved upon, renamed, and some brand new flavors have been added to their considerable menu. I was torn between a few old favorites, and some of the new ones, and decided to go for broke and taste the new flavors – all of them!

mama mia ice cream flavors

The Red Velvet was nice, if a bit forgettable, and a rich, whiskey flavored Black Label Chocolate, but while I liked the chocolate, I did not much care for the whiskey flavor – although there’s no real whiskey in there, I was assured. The Strawberries and Balsamic was sweet, and not enough balsamic for my taste, but the Salted Caramel Artisanale had the most robust flavor of the lot – I loved the texture and the flavor of this one, with the buttery caramel taking front row, and making me happy.  But the white truffle was stunning – the white chocolate and crunchy nuts came together wonderfully, and I was quite enamored of this one.

sea salt and chocolate ice cream 

But then, there was the Sea Salt and Chocolate, which was rich and dark, with dark chocolate bits which melted on my tongue. A little bit of saltiness added to the sweetness, and the result was a cold, chocolatey mess which can give any chocolate addict a delicious high.

I had to balance out the sugar with their offering of Bombe Fries, and they are currently serving them with an assortment of dips. You can pick your fries, add a sprinkling of flavor on top (peri peri, salt and vinegar, classic salted, or secret spice), and then pick any two from their considerable list of dips, that include different flavors of Mayonnaise, Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce, Ketchup, and plenty more. The fries are part of their new menu, and I particularly liked the crisp ones topped with peri peri salt.

Disclaimer: Poorna Banerjee was invited to Mama Mia! for a tasting by the management. 

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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