Okay, this won’t be a chronicle. Just because I am a fanatic against food that comes in a package and has weird ingredients which was better off as a chemistry experiment it does not mean you should stop eating them. However, I have.

Okay, that was NOT easy. I had not realized exactly how many things I have actually added to my diet without realizing they were processed food. I had to give up:

1. this was the biggest one. MAGGI. 
2. Soups. All kinds which come in packets or cans.
3. Sausages which has Sodium Nitrate in the content. I still eat handmade sausages and okay, yes, bacon. Yes, that’s filled with Nitrates, but give me a break!
4. Processed pre-packaged food. Okay, this was easy. They taste like hell anyway. So bye bye Ashirwad Dal Makhani and Bohri Biryani. I prefer to make my own or get some from Shiraz.
5. Pre-packaged french fries. And other stuff that comes from McCains and other such. Frozen food in general
6. Ajinamoto. Yes, this is not in the game, but I have, so there!
7. Most cold drinks. I still can’t let go of Diet Coke. But otherwise virtually all kinds of sodas. If I actually want to drink sodas, I make my own by mixing up lemon juice and sugar syrup with plain soda.
8. Alcohol. Mostly. I still cannot resist the occasional Mojito, but that’s it.
9. Sliced white bread. I am buying one from a local brand which makes REAL bread, which is delivered fresh, and still slightly warm, at about 7 o’clock in the morning. And its not sliced. Thank you, from now on I shall bring out my bread knife and bite into a warm, moist loaf.
10. Also a toughie. Jams and pickles from brands like Kissan and other such. I am making my own now. Its sort of scary at first, but after the first batch you realize how easy that was, you can make virtually any pickle you like.

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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