Buying gold is the smartest way to invest safely

When it comes to gold, buying it is not just a fashion statement, but it is a strong investment as well – something that will stay with you forever. Therefore, when talking about gold jewellery, it’s always a good thing to have designs which can be worn for decades, which is where MP Jewellers shine. The brand has been a go-to spot for many since the very beginning, and a recent visit to their store unearthed some interesting designs for both, weddings as well as every day. I loved their attention to details, and the way they kept an eye on the quality of gold. A considerable amount of their jewellery this season was created with the fact in mind that the trend in wedding jewellery for Bengali women is to wear heavier, statement pieces for the main event, while keeping it modern for special occasions.

MP Jewellers Kakurgachi Showroom

MP Jewellers Kakurgachi Showroom

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What I loved about the Collection and the MP Jewellers Kakurgachi Outlet

Well-decorated interiors, competent staff who were well-acquainted with their trade, and a collection which was really impressive from the get-go. MP Jewellers’ Kakurgachi outlet caters to a huge array of clients, be it the young college-goers looking for something discreet yet unique, to those who want to make a solid statement, the agenda is to make an impression, and it is done with great aplomb.

MP Jewellers Wedding Jewellery Collection

The use of colour and meenakarion gold was noticeable in the heavier Bengali wedding jewellery, specifically on the neck pieces. Colours tend to not weigh the gold down, which is why it is becoming popular. Some of the designs noted showed a trend towards using matte and shiny gold textures together, combining them into a design that is really sleek and can be easily paired both with Indian and Western outfits. That trend is also noted in their diamond-encrusted jewellery, which although sounds expensive but is actually quite reasonably priced.

Some of the necklaces were designed to be worn as a single piece while others came as a set. I loved the sets, but even if you don’t want the exact match, you can always pick and choose according to your preference – there are a large number of choices to mix and match from.

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Invest in Gold

Like most other jewellery shops, MP Jewellers does offer a saving scheme where you can save up for jewellery for about 10 months (your money will buy you gold) and in the 11th, a percentage of the amount will be credited to your account. Using that gold, you can then purchase something of your liking (you will have to pay for the making charges). Schemes start from as low as 1000/- INR per month, but you can always invest more to make the final pick impressive. So check out the nearest store in the neighbourhood and find out some interesting designs that can make your friends and family say “wow!”.


Disclaimer: Poorna Banerjee was invited to visit MP Jewellers Kakurgachi showroom. Photographs by Shounak Ray.  


Written by Poorna Banerjee


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    Can you do another post with more earrings and light jewellery please?

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    I love the necklaces. Good designs, I want to see more!

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    I’m always a big fan of statement necklaces! Beautiful 😊


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    Such a beautiful jewellers! I love your pics 🙂

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    wow so much pretty Gold sets and nice photography as well. thumbs up!

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    Your photos are spectacular! I love a bit of gold jewellery too !

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    Those are gorgeous pieces! I love visiting these showrooms and being surrounded by so much beauty and luxury.

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