I have never really been a fan of flying in India. Truthfully speaking, even when I have flown business class, there was something essential that I missed in India. Maybe it was the service, maybe it was the seating, Indian airlines never really blew my mind.

Of course, when international brands started to come to India, I was curious. For a blogger who likes traveling and food as much as I do, going places is inevitable, and good service is a must to make me like a particular airlines. There has been some disappointments, of course. But most of the times, I have noted that international airlines are far better in the service segment when compared to our domestic groups.

This is possibly one of the biggest reasons for me to be totally excited about flying Lufthansa.
Known as one of biggest power players in the airlines business around the globe and the largest airlines in the EU, Lufthansa was one of the groups I was eagerly waiting for to do more in India. I have always had plans to travel the globe, and a backpacking trip around Europe was always in the cards. Solo journey and all, you see! I want to make it an eating tour! And what better to start than Frankfurt, which promises to be the gateway to the European nation to me! I checked the details for some flights, and a round trip in mid-February is going to cost me around 48,000/- INR, which seems perfectly reasonable to me for the service I will be receiving.

Lufthansa boasts of quality food, great service, and on-time flights, three things that I tend to be very particular about.Plus, they have launched the Lufthansa A380, the largest commercial aircraft, which would be the carrier for the Delhi-Frankfurt flight. Now that is the advantage of being big and beautiful! Check out more at http://a380.lufthansa.com/TAKEPART/#/DE/EN/home and check out this Post by Lufthansa India.

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Written by Poorna Banerjee

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