KSR Exhibition Summer 2015

KSR represents stylish-chic, in a modern and irreverent manner. An ode to femininity and art, it unites the two in imaginative and thought-provoking ways. It embodies the woman who is unafraid to experiment with well-crafted and striking pieces using bold and varied colours and textures. It combines exquisite traditional craftsmanship with an international aestheticism, projecting a modernity that bows to old-world glamour. The fashion label specialises in statement jewellery and clothes It is well-known for its one-of-a-kind statement jewellery that is hand-crafted by the designer Karishma Siddique Roy.

KSR Neckpiece in Gold

KSR aims at an eclectic range of jewellery using diverse beads and baubles like semi-precious stones, glass, ceramic, metal, terracotta, wood, seeds, wire mesh, handmade fabric and other interesting loose ends and knick knacks. KSR clothing is a stylish ode to mother earth and the environment. It promotes the eco-conscious aesthetic of Recycle. Reuse, and Reduce through its commitment to work with ‘Khesh’, a brilliant, indigenous weaving technique that recycles and reuses old cotton sarees to create new fabric.

KSR Summer Dress 

Using only hand looms and khesh, KSR seeks to present traditional Indian weaves in a global context. The Spring Summer 2015 collection features a striking range of statement neck pieces and cuffs and chic separates, shifts, tunics, crop tops, cropped trousers and dresses in the colours of the season.

KSR Neckpiece

For those of you who want to check out the stuff KSR makes, you can now do so at Avoire tday, 1B Palm Place, Ballygunge Park Road, Kolkata – 700019. The exhibition will continue from 14th to the 16th of this month, 2015. I have been a loyal supporter of KSR products, and have bought from them. The neckpiece I purchased truly stood out from the crowd and I loved the quirky, flamboyant design. The products from the brand are cool, comfortable, and made from sustainable materials which makes the brand a great blend of style and care.

KSR neckpiece
KSR Neckpiece 

Disclaimer: Promotional Post. But I do love the stuff KSR makes. Photos have been provided by the brand.

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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