Kissan blast jams

Kissan blast jams

Nearly addictive for its sweet and tangy taste, the all new Kissan blast range of jams will ring true for one of a kind experience. With a rich heritage of over 80 years, Kissan is an expert in jam making, delivering the perfect texture and brilliant flavour in each jar of the new Kissan Blast. The range includes exciting fruity flavours: Berry Blast, Strawberry Blast and Orange Blast.

Quirky, different and delicious, here’s a ‘Khatta Meetha” fruity blast that’s going to surprise your taste buds. It will certainly bring the excitement and zing back to the food and take you back to good old memories of jam. So the next time you want to whip up delights with an assortment of flavors, you know which bottle to dig into!

The Kissan Berry Blast range consists of :

Kissan Strawberry Blast: Made from lush, red strawberries, the Kissan Strawberry Blast is a treat to the taste buds. The burst of real flavour along with a hint of the seed, creates a mouth-watering spread, giving toast a new and exciting taste. Also tastes heavenly with ice-cream, milkshake and smoothies.

Kissan Berry Blast: Striking the perfect blend between sweet and tangy, the Kissan Berry Blast is a rare combination of juicy black grapes and ripe, succulent strawberries. The burst of blueberry flavour is a quirky taste that you will love so much, you will surely have quite a blast. Sit back and enjoy the best of both worlds! Enjoy berry blast along with muffins and pancakes.

Kissan Orange Blast: A little sweet and a little tangy, Kissan Orange Blast is a delight for your palate. Coupled with peels of the real orange fruit, this jam is an irresistible burst of the real fruit flavour. Tastes heavenly with bread, chapati or parathas.

Says Abhiroop Chuckarbutty, GM, Foods, HUL, “We, at Kissan, continue to innovate and create new products and flavours to make the lives of mothers easy in keeping pace with the changing palate of today’s children.  Kissan Blast range of jams, is a healthy, wholesome and fruitful outcome of this continuous innovation. A mouth-watering combination of tangy and sweet taste, Kissan Blast is sure to bowl over the kids of today.”

Now get your own bottle of these khatta meetha fruits ka blasts that are available in 320g packs in three delightful flavours.

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Written by Poorna Banerjee

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    Nice jam!! not like other jam which is too sweet. this is good in taste rich in quality smells nice.
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