Pepsi IPL is BACK AGAIN! And aren’t you glad that everything is back in the right “order”? So what if Kolkata Knight Riders keep on losing (and occasionally winning)? The best part is, there’s never a dull moment here!

I must admit – I have a severe fetish for a good IPL match. It’s addictive… watching them, and you just can’t step out of the house now, can you?

And the amazing title track of #KannaKeepCalm is addictive as well! I keep on humming it, and yes, I did have those moments of “what the hell am I doing here when I can watch IPL?” at random places, and this severe feeling of extensive irritation associated only with Pepsi IPL.

In fact, recently, I have made my sister a minion of sorts – making her do the kitchen work, so that I don’t have to run there and cook while catching a game. The good news is, most of the interesting ones are at times when I don’t have to go out, and this summer’s heat is a great excuse to stay home.

But when your cousins come home? What happens then?

I faced a situation recently, where two of my cousins came over, and were talking to me constantly. I bit my lip and felt sick – dammit, they will be talking through the match, won’t they?

Keep calm, Poorna, Keep calm!

And then I made a fantastic discovery. Give them things to do, and they will stop talking to you. And I called up my favorite person in the whole wide world and explained the situation to him.

Within the next half an hour, the cousins and I left for Victoria Memorial, Pepsi IPL on my smartphone courtesy starsports. My cousins are more intent on talking to me. Hello! You have the phone! You can call me up at any given point of time! Just not now! 

So Victoria it was. They tried arguing, but I said, “If you’ve come to Kolkata, you must see Victoria.”

Halfway down, I got a sudden, urgent phone call.

“Hello? Oh! Oh! I must? Oh no, I am out with my cousins! No no, I surely cannot go work now! No! Oh!”

I look back at the cousins helplessly. They fall all over themselves and tell me its perfectly fine and they will be perfectly safe in the sturdy hands of my best friend.

My best friend looks at me with a saintly expression on his face.

Half an hour later, said best friend and I are at his place, a big bowl of freshly popped corn, coke, and pizza in front of us.

We put our feet up on the sofa.

And watch Pepsi IPL while our cousins are busy getting lost in Victoria Memorial.

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Written by Poorna Banerjee

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