I have noticed one thing when it comes to drinking and people around me. In my friend and acquaintance circle, most men prefer drinking whiskey, and if there’s a good blend around, they forsake everything else and get a glass of it.

Is that psychological?

I think it is.

Somehow, I have noticed that we do not like experimenting too much. We go for the traditional drinks which soothe us, make us happy and we feel comfortable drinking it. Black Dog has always been able to do that. In my family, I have noticed that the older men always head for a glass of good scotch, choosing it over all the other drinks. Wines, while appreciated, are not considered to be serious enough for most of them, and they always ensure that their sideboard is never without a good bottle of scotch.

That just shows how much my family members love whiskey. But, it’s not just in the case of one family. India is naturally inclined towards drinking whiskey, and has had a fine tradition of downing it straight from the British colonial period. The food which is made in India is spicy and hot, and that has led to Indians developing a palate which is strong and prone to tasting heavier, stronger stuff.

In the last few months, Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve has made quite an impression on the palate of certain members of my family. While they have not forsaken their regular tipple, they have incorporated this mellow drink into their spectrum, and have been singing praises about it, especially about the fine quality of it. It seems the drink is here to stay, and it is becoming steadily popular as time goes by. India seems to have found a new drink to bond over, and what better than something familiar, and yet, fine?

Disclaimer: This post is in association with Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve. The content is meant for age 25 or more.
Written by Poorna Banerjee

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