I like to think of myself as a global citizen. Certainly, when I am flying off to somewhere new, I tend to forget my own nationality, and attempt to blend in. Ma says, its part of life – act like the locals do, or, “Jashmin Deshe Jadachar”, something that has been so well-ingrained in me that I have a tendency to think local, go to places where the locals frequent, avoid tourists traps, and eat like them. I have seen countless people try and find the food from their own home countries, but not me. I come from a country of such vast flavour range, that new food is a part of life – discovering something new is wonderful. After all, we Indians have always been a curious sort. Our ways of thinking have taken us places – and we get celebrated for it.

As a child, my parents would always try to teach me how to be unique, how to try my hand at new experiences, and learn something new everyday. This curiosity, the need to learn something, the need to know more – is something I have celebrated. A part of my family’s as well as my personal ideology, learning something new and working at it till I am at least tolerable at it took me places. Of course I failed. Who doesn’t? But I knew, as someone wise once said, “Beyond your failures lie that glimmer of success which you can reach if you really try.” And I did try. Very hard.

Today, when I look back to my days of college, and post that, the days when I was trying to “find” myself, I understand how important these values were – they went beyond simple words, but rather, were sources of inspiration I drew from. They were what my ancestors had used to take them places – moving away from everything they had held dear and building a new life in a brand new country. They were the words they taught me to help me be a better human – more tolerant, more understanding, more interested in learning new things, and more accepting. And that is what I feel is what makes me #MoreIndianThanYouThink.

Guess what? Keeping in mind the need to have that warm touch of hospitality as we fly, Lufthansa has a special list of surprises when you fly with them. From a hot cup of chai to funny Bollywood movies, they have an array of special surprises that makes us feel at home when we fly, because Lufthansa understands that a little touch of home is always welcome. Check out their new video ad to see how they are #MoreIndianThanYouThink :

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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