Indiblogger associated with Milaap group recently to begin #TheHopeProject. When I checked, I found that at the project page, after signing up, you can put up a referral link to the person or project you think will benefit from help.

To me, help has never been a four-letter word. To me help is what makes the world go round. Intentionally, or unintentionally, help works. And ideally, help should not come with strings attached.

Check out this link here –

I was interested in this project because it involves something which I have previously thought existed hundreds of years ago, and was nonexistent in the present date. However, when I read the project description, I was stumped.

The Hope Project is a campaign to inspire urban masses towards empowering rural women through small contributions. What makes this project special is that the women in this case are ex-Devadasis and the possibility of self-reliance through entrepreneurship is a ray of fierce hope for them.”

Devdasi. A system long-forgotten by most and only imagined in myths and sometimes erotic legends. It came to me as a shock that such practices still existed, and there were women who were trying to come out of it.

I would suggest you take a look at the project details under the hope project and see if you can help in any way possible. 

I thought helping  would be a good thing to help Paravathi. Please check this link to find out more about the 55-year old single mom and help her.

Paravati, seen in the picture, is a 55-year-old single mother who supports her family of 4 on the meager income of Rs.3000 from her pan shop. Setting up her pan shop has brought this former devadasi from the Gokak village in Belgaum, Karnataka, financial independence, freedom, dignity, and security for her children. Her friends Ningavva and Padmavv, also single mothers in their 50s, have fought similar struggles, securing a safe environment and education for their children with the earnings from the goat rearing business they setup. They jointly seek a loan of Rs.58,000, which they will repay in 2 years, to improve their pan shop and goat rearing businesses. This loan will help expand their businesses, letting them earn in the range of Rs.8000 to Rs.10,000 more per month, ensuring continued education and security for their children and families.”

Projects like this and many more are available for you to see and contribute to at the website. Do take your time to visit the site. 

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Written by Poorna Banerjee

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