Four Seasons Barrique Reserve

A few days ago, thanks to Team Gingerclaps, I found an invitation to attend a Indian wine event with a fine connoisseur of wines, Abhay Kewadkar, waiting for me in my inbox. A quick reply back approving my attendance, and I was all set to indulge myself in some fine food and wine on 21st August, 2013.

+Shreya Goswami  came along with me and she is responsible for the lovely photographs you see on this post. Thank you Shreya for being there with me!

We were on time to meet up with fellow food, beauty and lifestyle bloggers at The Park lounge before making our way to the event, held at Saffron, where I found some of my friends from the media houses and other portals, and as we entered, we saw glasses of a subtle Viognier being passed around. Never the one for subtlety, I grabbed hold of a stem and circulated.

With hints of floral glory, this is the white wine I had raved about in a previous post when I was introduced to it, and it was tart but rounded, dry but not overmuch. Although seafood and fish are the usual choice with this wine, and they had that, I steered clear of it, since I am slightly allergic to fishes in general, and did not want to risk a breakout in the middle of an event.

I rather enjoyed it with a sate of wasabi-laden peas served to me on a skewer, smearing the top of it with a creamy yogurt sauce that brought together the flavors perfectly. In fact, I liked it well enough to get a second and a third helping, the creaminess of the yogurt cutting through the wasabi’s pungency, that was also toned down by the mashed peas that was then pressed around a skewer.

The malai chicken kabab, served with a pesto based on coriander, was another great accompaniment to it. Perfectly cooked, these little bites were skewered up on toothpicks and dunked in the pesto accompanying it before eating, bringing together a fine balance between perfectly cooked chicken and freshly made coriander pesto, which, I deduced, was probably more of a chutney than a

Abhay Kewadkar did not take much time in welcoming us to the Curtain Raiser Event to the Gourmet Indulgence Event, which is going to be hosted by a number of restaurant across the city.  This will include names like Benjarong, Zara, Kalash (HHI), Chrome Hotel, KK’s Fusion, Spaghetti Kitchen, Tangerine, Mio Amore, from 23rd to 31st August, 2013.

During this time, you can check out some of the fine Indian white and red wines from Four Seasons, also known as Ritu when it is exported, at these locations. During this time, wines would be paired with your food in these locations to feature the fact that Indian wines do go with a number of dishes, including Indian, Chinese, Italian and Spanish.

We were then served the Cabernet Shiraz, with which a perfect Galauti Kabab was served, and I was stunned to hear that it was vegetarian. Incredible is the word for it, and it went quite perfectly with the slightly spicy Shiraz.

However, I was waiting eagerly for the Barrique Reserve to be opened up, and once the gorgeous red wine hit my senses, I swirled it around my glass and inhaled the subtle vanilla and the dark tang. Picking up a plate, I rummaged through the buffet, and found what I was looking for – dessert. The Flourless Chocolate Cake was perhaps not the best choice, but its subtle cinnamon hints and melt-in-the-mouth quality made my glass an excellent accompaniment to it. I swirled and twirled and drank my heart’s content.

A good bit of socializing with the lovely people at Four Seasons Wine and it was a happy, and slightly high woman who got back home safe in a cab. The main course, including the mostly forgettable Kosha Mangsho, the Chicken Lababdar, and laboriously cooked Daal which was divine, were all sampled, but I still veered towards the dessert section and picked up the Murakkat, which decidedly reminded me of malai cham cham although that is probably blasphemy.

 Do check out Four Seasons Wines’ Facebook page at ttps://, or, look up their site at for more information. The vineyards are at present open to tourists, and you can check out the site for more details.

Disclaimer: Poorna Banerjee dined as a guest of Four Seasons Wines and was invited by Team Gingerclaps for the event. However, this is not a paid review and the opinion presented are the blogger’s personal take on the event. 

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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