Although I would admit to the fact that I watch cricket mostly because of the performance, but I cannot help but admire the beauty of the surrounding area of the stadium. It is actually quite inspiring to see the gorgeous terrain sometimes, especially during the commentary, and when top commentators speak eloquently about the beauty of the sights around, it is always a pleasure to listen. As I am an inveterate traveler, being constantly in the move, I find gorgeous locations to be a major positive factor, which often make me sit through the course of a long test cricket match.
I attend matches in the Eden Gardens every once in a while. Being a Bengali, and from Kolkata, watching cricket matches live is a part of my existence. I believe that somehow, as people are more aware of the location, they do want to see it more, as well as what is around the grounds. That is probably one of the reasons why the beautification of my city has improved considerably, and people take much more care while designing new additions to the city.
Also, I love watching matches where I can see the match, and also feel the ambiance slightly. Take Melbourne, for example. One of the things that totally attracted me were the aerial views that were shot during the course of a match, and I was smitten by the beauty of it. I mean, who wouldn’t love the combination of lush greenery and muted shades of silver and steel is such a visual extravaganza, which made me gasp with pleasure. I never knew the city was so gorgeous, but now that I do, I cannot help but plan a vacation there. 

With the amount of attention paid to the beauty, I believe cricket has a really positive effect on finding out new cool destinations which we never had any idea about before. Previously, this was not very plausible, but now it is, and I believe it is a positive change.  

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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