When I was asked if I would want to go to Malaysia, I started thinking. What would I love to do there?
And the answer came to me after I put in a huge amount of thought. It is such a gorgeous country, and has so many different facets to it. Which one do I choose?

I. Sample Nyonya Food. I love nyonya style of cooking. It is so comforting and soothing. I met a friend a few days ago, who lived in Malaysia for six years, and he described to me the way food is cooked and served. I want to sample the best, and preferably at someone’s place who is my friend… not exactly a hotel.
Why? Simple. I know that every house has its own special cuisine, and their own special take. And I want to know at least a few such houses, with their interpretation of food. And no, Malay food does not begin and end with Satay. It has so many layers to it, and I want to unravel it all. Starting with some Ayam Goreng.
2. Stare at the Patronus Twin Tower. Simply because its there. And I want to feel insignificant in front of its glorious majestic beauty. Every time I have looked at it in photos, I have felt breathless. And I want to see it for real. 
3. Go to Langkawi and get up on a cable car. Because after walking around those gorgeous beaches and eating Rojak, my feet are bound to be tired. Why not get some rest … up on the air?
4. Visit Sarawak, Penang, Perak and Selangor – because I have stamps from each of these parts (old, wizened stamps from the British Era) and jump with joy because I always wanted to see them for real. When the pictures in your stamps aren’t enough, you know you need to go!
5. Buy a Malacca Cane. From Malacca City. And walk around the city swirling it about.
The last bit is in memory of my grandfather. He had a Malacca Cane and he would never let me touch it.
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Written by Poorna Banerjee

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