So I came across this lovely little contest  that is going on in Indiblogger for IloveLakme. Join it if you want to win too. What you have to do is to tell a story, or write about things that you would love doing outdoors and be just like Elena, the Sunshine Girl who is Lakme’s Mascot for Summer this year. Here are the five things I have done all through summer this year, and will continue to do, in the sunny outdoors. As I care about the scorching heat, so I make sure of certain things before I go out. One of them is definitely to protect my skin against the sun, and so, apply a high-SPF sunblock cream 15 minutes before I am ready to hit the streets.
Paramount Green Mango

Alcohol is something that has never been able to cool me down. Instead, glasses of drinks has. My favorite drink is however, water, which I normally carry with me. But, here are the two drinks of summer this year for me.

The Green Mango Sherbet at Paramount near College Street is an amazing thirst quencher for me. While strolling the dusty college street in search of a good book, I have often stopped here, taken a hasty drink, and then ran off. The olde worlde charm of this place is just perfect for sitting down, drinking a glass or five of cold sherbet, with a friend or two. 
Pizza Hut. I forgot the name of the drink

There is something decidedly fun about the new range of drinks at Pizza Hut. I loved this one to my right, a tangy citrus-hued drink that tasted out of this world. So light and fresh, it is the perfect drink for the summer season.

2. Wear Glasses! They are the new contact lens! Sitting outside in the heat is a big Yes! So is wearing your contact lenses, which tend to get icky with this heat.
pretty cafe! 
cool glasses. I love them. Actually I want to steal them.

 I am suffering from a serious case of glasses envy here. These are so cool, and my friend wears them with such panache. I want! 

Here’s what happens when you take said pets outside.
they get kissed.

and yes, I do take the word ride seriously.

 Also, you can visit the zoo, and find out more about the wonderful nature around you.

Disclaimer: this post is in response to The Lakmé Diva Blogger Contest which I would love to win.

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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