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 The day has gone when you compromise with your body spray. Vanesa Care, one of the top manufacturers of deodorants and perfume in the country has launched Ultra range of perfume body spray namely Envy “After Dark” Series. This deodorant will be used mainly in the night to rock the party or after your fresh bath to enrich yourself with the feelings of Love.

Saurabh Gupta; director of Vanesa Care said that, “I am very excited for this new launch of Envy After Dark Series. It has a distinct fragrance than other deodorants which will make you the star of the party and it is for the man who loves to leave a remembrance of his fragrance wherever he goes.”

ENVY ‘After Dark’ series has come up with four variants. So you can pick yours from:

The Techno – It is for the man who needs just a glance not his message across who is intense yet sensible. This fragrance masculinity comes from action not words. It consists of fresh notes at the top & heart is composed of woody & sweet notes. The base contains amber, sandal and musk.

The Trance – Fragrance for young and for stubborn teenagers who just refuses to use elder’s fragrance. It is carefully crafted for irresistible you from dawn to dusk. Envy Trance is an aromatic spicy fragrance for men with top notes are of bergamot and mandarin with a burst of spices in the middle enriched with richness of amber and sandal at the base. Now the irresistibly young needs no introduction.

The Rock – Head turner, Showstopper has just arrived with Envy Rock, the Modern classic fragrances that evoke sense of wild and unbeatable energy to rock the party. Top notes are fresh spicy, green, with fillings of vetiver, rose and lily of the valley, base notes are musk, sandalwood, patchouli, cedar and oakmoss.

The Hip Hop – Energy, masculinity and strength are three cornerstones for ENVY Hip Hop. It opens with fresh, citrus, green and marine notes while the heart is enriched with jasmine and spices. The base closes with rich sandal and vetiver with the hint of vanilla. Envy Hip-Hop in your side now is ready rule the dark.

Ultra Premium range of Envy After dark series Techno, Trance, Rock & Hip-Hop deodorants are available in an attractive Packaging of 130ml (108g) at Rs 250/- only. True to ENVY brand genesis, the entire range is pure fragrance and no gas which simply means irresistible you without any wastage.

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A Brief Review of Envy After Dark Perfume Body Spray Rock

I received the perfume body spray, Rock, and it was encased in a plain but smart looking cardboard box. The packaging is simple, and the spray comes in a black and red can, the design of which I like. The cap has a tendency of falling off, which I am not a fan of, but the spray is quite useful, especially when I am quite sweaty. It has a strong smell and after application lingers for at least 4-5 hours and I can smell it for a good amount of time. It effectively reduces the odour of sweat, which is why I carry it around in my tote bag, and use it on days when I am on the run.

Envy After Dark Deo

As I am a major fan of scents which are termed ‘male’, this one is a winner for me, since it is quite spicy yet not overly so, and settles on my skin with a bit of musk, sandal, and vanilla after a while, which I like. The application is simple – use it close to your body since there is no annoying hiss while spraying, and the scent is quite nice on my father as well, who has been caught using it a few times. I would say this one is a good option for a very reasonable price, and a nice spray for those times when you want a clean, strong fragrance.

Disclaimer: Product sent by the brand.  

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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