The world can wait. When I want to relax and feel good, the world can go hang itself. It’s all about me and my favorite thing, and we have a soul deep connection which cannot be denied. Dear readers, let me tell you the way I like my drink.
But then, this is going to be a long evening for me. So I need to put on some good music first, and get a friend or two if I like.
Or no, I might just want to relax alone, in the confines of my home, feeling too lazy even to pick up the phone and invite a friend over.
So, I open up my fridge to find my favorite fixing – long slices of cucumbers, carrots and batons of Cheddar cheese are what I select. I love eating them solo, without any frills. Just the way I love my drink as well.
Measure about 60 ml. of Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve into a tumbler. I generally fill the said tumbler half-full with ice cubes first, because I love my drink very cold. Then I take my favorite old-fashioned peg measure, and pour about 60 ml. of it into the glass. For me, this is bliss. I am not much of a fan of adding other things to my glass. 
Then, I take my drink over to a comfortable settee, and settle down with a good movie on the television, or a good book. For me, this is the best way I can relax after a long day – a taste of fine alcohol, perfectly blended scotch, with hints of malt, mature wood, and toast lurking in the background, and the gorgeous amber color is just about perfect. There is a tiny hint of fruity sweetness in it as well as a bit of sherry, and the combination gives the drink a really lovely balanced feeling overall.  
Disclaimer: This post is in association with Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve. The content is suitable for age 25 and above. 
Written by Poorna Banerjee

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