For me, the V-Day thing is nothing short of fun. But I do have a thing – I don’t like doing things the normal way.

So while making a proposal, I prefer being slightly out of this world. Where I would make sure he would never forget it.

Now, what are the normal stuff you do when you like someone?

  1. Say it with a flower. 
  2. Feed some chocolates, and when the target is recovering from the sweetness overdose, add to it by proposing.
  3. Bend down on your knees and declare your devotion.
  4. Blurt it out over a cute text message.
  5. Write something on a piece of paper and just give it to him. 
  6. Talk to a friend and ask him/her to inform the crush. 
However, personally speaking, these are all pretty much… well… boring. 
So how would I like to propose to my crush? Well,  I have a plan for that.

Step One: Observe Your Victim… er … Crush. 
See what he/she likes. Take notes. With a pen and paper. Or type it on a notepad. Make sure he/she is looking at you while you do that. Smile broadly and wiggle your eyebrows suggestively when you do that. 
Step Two: Assimilate Data and Customize
Based on the data collected, think of a plan which will work for him/her. 
In my case, the victim  crush is 6’1” tall, likes talking for long durations of time, a food fanatic, likes playing computer games, and a silent lover of EDM. However, personally I feel that taking a guy to a disc and making him listen to loud music while jumping up and down might not be the best place to declare my love. So, I would rather focus on the gaming bit. 
Step Three: The Plan
Here is my plan. I shall ideally create a game, similar to that of Mario. Have you ever had a time when you were *this close* to getting to the tower to rescue the princess, and you were failing? Well, the levels are going to be difficult as hell, to say the very least. To do this, I will need someone to help me device a game, but well, this is my fantasy, and I am imagining myself to have a huge gaming corporation at my disposal. 
Step Four: Execution
Now, the next step is to getting him into playing the game. Once he starts playing, he will find plenty of difficult steps which he will have to follow. But, once followed, he will slowly head to the finish line. And when he gets up all the way to the tower, instead of the indication of the completion of the level, a short video will be played. This video can’t be skipped, and it will show me, telling him all about my feelings. I don’t think too  many people in this world has ever thought of proposing like this, but I believe its a great way to show him I care. 
If you like my zany way of proposing, then you should also see what others are saying, or you can head over to where you will see so many other options. It’s a lot of fun! 
Written by Poorna Banerjee

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