Jaime King x Colourpop is one of Colourpop’s many collaborations with popular icons, and in this particular collab, there are twelve pieces of makeup in total, including a highlighter stick and a contour stick, and yes, the prices are kept ridiculously reasonable. Although Colourpop does not ship to India, I have found reliable Instagram sellers from whom you can buy Colourpop in India. I was obsessing over this particular collection somehow, but ultimately, after a good deal of thought, picked two Colourpop Lippie Stix: Polite Society and JujuRouge, both priced at $5 each. They also have an array of eyeshadows and you should definitely check them out, they are delightful.

colourpop JujuRouge and Polite Society Lippie Stix

colourpop JujuRouge and Polite Society Lippie Stix

Anyway, each of these Colourpop Lippie Stix comes with their matching lip pencil, and I am now regretting not purchasing them. However, the colours by themselves look great, and are quite hydrating. JujuRouge is described as “Deepened berry red in a Matte finish”, while Polite Society is “a warm peach in a Matte finish”. I do like the Matte finish in the Lippie Stix range, simply because they are not exactly drying, but rather, keeps your lips hydrated yet the finish is nice and long-lasting.

Buy Colourpop Jaime King Lippie Stix India

Buy Colourpop Jaime King Lippie Stix India

Pigmentation wise, I would say JujuRouge Lippie Stix is glorious: one swipe gives me opacity, while I have to be careful with Polite Society Lippie Stix, which is not completely opaque and needs a bit of work. But, it is the semi-opacity that works for me too, it doesn’t make me look washed out when I wear a single layer, and the finish is a nice nude peach that I can wear during the daytime. Both bled a bit, so I would suggest lining the lips before applying. Also, yes, they transfer, unlike the ultra matte Colourpop lip colours, but since these are far more hydrating, I would give them that.

Colourpop Jaime King JujuRouge Polite Society (top - bottom) Lippie Stix

Colourpop Jaime King JujuRouge Polite Society (top – bottom) Lippie Stix

As far as the colour go, JujuRouge Lippie Stix is BEAUTIFUL: it is a beautiful deep pinky-red, which looks gorgeous on my medium skin tone. Polite Society Lippie Stix, on the other hand, might wash you out if you have darker skin, so if you are under NC 45, this might not be your colour. These have a mild fragrance, which is pleasant and not too loud.

I have to say, both have decent staying power, and Colourpop JujuRouge wins here hands down, because Polite Society wears off in 3-4 hours, which is annoying. However, JujuRouge fades unevenly, and you might have to touch up after every 3-4 hours.

Written by Poorna Banerjee


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