Cupcakes from A Sweet Surrender

A window of forty minutes open up before me, and I hurry towards Park Street, my feet eating up the distance because I have two people waiting for me impatiently in front of Pizza Hut. I walk faster, the evening slowly closing in on me, although its only 4.30 pm in the afternoon. I must do this one last thing before going back to work, I brood. It will be over tomorrow.

The Christmas Carnival at Park Street will be over on Christmas Day, 25th December, 2013 (Updated after a tip from Bibi Sarkar). I find a few weird lights and take photos (as you can see!).

My target is the Pork Goan Sausages from the DeSilva stall. They also have pork sorpotel, and I sigh before B orders the Sausages. The sausages come with buns, in our case, lovely looking sandwiches, and we are quite happy to pack them for dinner.

We walk through the huge array of stalls – A Sweet Surrender looks promising. I pause to take photos… wishing I could have one, but then C forcibly drives me away like a Collie drives an errant sheep back to the flock. Later, I get an update from Sumit Surai on FB that their chocolate chip cookies and cupcakes were pretty much yum.

Here I will sigh again and concentrate on the mini cupcake tree.

Bibi Sarkar stands behind the counter of Bibi of Taaja’s. I walk over to her, and we are laughing amiably soon. The Khao Suey looks good, but the pork looks great too!

We are treated to an array of fun filled things then – people on stilts, a Chinese dragon dancing through Park Street to Allen’s Park, jugglers, pink polka dotted balloons –  And a concert to end things with.

Don’t miss out on the third day! Go and get some food and love!

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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