The best thing about this is the cook time which is under 15 minutes. I made this on a balmy September night, when I discovered that I had some leftover chicken stock (with a wee bit of cooked chicken pieces in it)  and a capsicum and a couple of beans. My mind was not up to making anything complicated, and after a while I realized, neither was my larder.

So this came out. It is easy, simple, and yes, you might call it bland. I call it GOOD.

Chop half a capsicum and 4 string beans into thin pretty even slices.

Heat up a couple of cups of chicken stock.

Add vegetables, and simmer for a bit till they are slightly cooked (in my book that’s a five-minute simmer).

Meanwhile, cook some noodles in another pan till al dente. Drain.

Add noodles to chicken stock.

Adjust salt and pepper. Add a tiny pinch of sugar.

Serve with chilli sauce, soya sauce and other condiments that floats your boat. I had this with Sriracha. 

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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