Arjun Chakraborty and Nilanjana Chakraborty at Flurys

“The Bun plus Bun festival has a nice ring to it, right?”, S notes, and surreptitiously puts another roll on her plate, longingly looking at the butter for a second before digging into the soft, fluffy Mexican coffee bun, the Papparoti, topped with a layer of dark coffee-flavoured sugar. The yeast has raised the dough wonderfully, and M and I look at each other, approvingly, biting into yet another bun.

Bun plus Bun Festival at Flurys

We are at Flurys, Park Street, where Chef Vikas Kumar reigns. ‘I wanted to showcase buns, you see. They remind me of my childhood, and I think bread is a very intimate part of most of our childhoods, so I wanted to showcase buns’. The speciality buns can be picked up from the counter, or you can have it as part of a meal – there are plenty of buns to choose from.

Masala Buns and Chicken in a Blanket at Flurys

Priced at 55/- each, these are called the ‘speciality buns’, and I am guilty of revisiting Flurys to pick some up on a later date. Some of the buns are paired with the beverages, like the Boston Bun, which the chef advices to have with a cup of Darjeeling. Although I am not  a fan of coconut, under the frosting, the bread is wonderful. The Pao de Queijo, made with tapioca flour, is a great choice for those who want to go Gluten-free.

Pao de Queijo

The Devonshire Cream Bun, however, is my favourite among the sweet ones – a long roll studded with dry fruits, it is slit lengthwise, and cream is piped into it. I brought one home, and heated it up last night to consume. To my delight, that fluffy cream collapsed into a heap of melting goodness, and I tore off parts of it, and slathered it with the molten cream. For a hungry girl at midnight, it was a beautiful meal indeed.

Devonshire Cream Bun
The Chicken in a Blanket is a thin layer of bread, wrapped around a chicken sausage and baked. Similar to ‘pigs in a blanket’, this seems to be the favourite of the table, and is consumed quickly. 
Chicken in a blanket

At this point, all of us are stuffed silly from the bread overdose, and when Vikas comes out to ask what we would like to eat, a collective groan can be heard. Nevertheless, at this point, Nilanjana Chakrabarty asks for a half-portion, and we follow suit.

Karachi bun kabab

There are five options to choose from. Sadly, vegetarians get only one option – the Meaty Mushroom burger. The Karachi Bun Kabab comprises of a split masala bun, containing a thick patty of minced lamb kabab, which has a fine texture, and a bit of tang is added from the minty chutney it is smeared with.

Goan Sorpotel

I, of course, go with the Goan Sorpotel. The version Chef makes here is tangy, with bits of pork, and a fiery red chilli on top, which, naturally, is munched down. Served with the Poee bread, which has a delicate sweetness from the addition of toddy to it, the sourness of the meat dish balances the sweetness, and before I know it, my plate is empty.

Chicago Hot Dog with Everything

M had asked for the Chicago Hot Dog with ‘Everything’. The pork sausage was smoky and succulent, topped with a generous helping of a slightly sweet lamb chili, mustard, cheese, pickles, and served with the fries. I prefer my chili hot so this does not catch my fancy, although I won’t mind more of those sausages.

Viennese Coffee at Flurys

Of course, the food extravaganza for me must be washed down with a cup of coffee – in my case, the Viennese, because I need a jolt of caffeine to my system. We sit and chat with Arjun Chakrabarty and Nilanjana Chakraborty – a lovely, and exceptionally talented couple. I have grown up seeing films of Arjun Chakraborty and later, have heard him sing, and meeting him in person is always a pleasure. Nilanjana, jewellery designer and tarot reader, meanwhile, is a fantastic person to know. The Bun plus Bun festival is on till the 5th of July at their Park Street Outlet, and the buns are available at different outlets around Kolkata.

Boston Bun

Disclaimer: Poorna Banerjee dined at Flurys at the kind invite of the management. 

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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