I must confess: I wasn’t supposed to be at Flury’s. However, I wounded up here around 10 o’clock in the morning, quite by chance, as our original destination was … closed. Hungry and thirsty for coffee, I rushed in to meet my friend who was sitting patiently for me at one of the tables.

This post is dedicated to PC of All That’s Delicious. Do check that lovely blog out. She is an amazing writer, a great cook, runs a page on FB called PHAT Mamas  where she does pop up dinners with amazing themes with the aid of a friend, and  she is a lovely human being to know. This was our first “date”, so as to say, where we met up and discussed a lot of things, and I sincerely hope its the first of many.

Interiors of Flury’s

 I entered, looked around, located PC, and plonked my self, complete with random paraphernalia, in front of her grinning self. Looking around, it was slightly hard catching the attention of a server, but one came in inevitably, and deposited the menus in front of us. While the English Breakfast looked very nice, I decided to go for my old favorite, Chicken Sandwich, along with some hot black coffee, and a croissant, because of course, a girl cannot have enough carbohydrates first thing in the morning, can she? PC and I chatted amiably, as she discussed her blog, and how she was thinking of going for a vacation, and we laughed aloud, catching the attention of the mostly silent diners around us in the half-filled Flury’s.

 PC had opted for the Coffee as well, and it was nowhere in site. Heartily grateful for putting caffeine my way first thing in the morning, I eagerly blew on the top, and took a sip. It was dark, watery, and did not have any discerning quality. However, it was coffee, and had a semblance of bitterness in it. I gulped down a couple of sips, and contemplated adding sugar. In the end, however, I relented, ditched the idea of adding sugar, and let it cool down on the side before taking another sip.

My Croissant came in first, along with my coffee. There was a nice pat of butter and mixed fruit jam that looked and tasted like Kissan. I pulled open the croissant and it parted amiably, allowing me to slip in shards of butter within the warm, slightly steaming folds, before I slathered some jam on top and ate. This croissant was flaky, warm and exactly what was needed to melt the icy butter. I do hope they serve the butter at room temperature the next time. It was difficult to cut and put it on my croissant as it was.

English Breakfast at Flury’s

PC waited patiently for her English Breakfast, and when it came, she got a glass of juice with it (which she sagely ignored in favor of coffee). Although she had told the server that she wanted coffee the first time, it came in much later, and after telling the server AGAIN about it. The breakfast contained of two sausages, two eggs sunny side up, half a grilled tomato, two hash browns, and two slices of bacon. She ate with gusto, and I would like to point out that for around 500/- (without tax, and it was probably 518/- but I really don’t remember the exact price now), it really did not look very substantial to me. However, the eggs were done to her liking, the sausage fried on both sides nicely, the hash browns crisp. What wasn’t crisp was the bacon. I like my bacon well-crisp and the fat rendered out slightly, leaving a crisp layer of fat on the bacon which shatters against the teeth, fat exploding from within its folds on my palate. This looked fried, but well… not fried enough.

Chicken Sandwich at Flury’s

My chicken sandwich came in a plate, with two pieces of chicken sandwich haphazardly thrown into it. First of all, I don’t like the concept of a top eatery serving food sans garnish or any form of decoration. It takes away from the visual pleasure of eating, and really, if I am ordering a sandwich, I would like to see it slightly pretty, if with nothing else, maybe a slice of tomato and cucumber. This one was no-frills, and tasted dry. The mustard and chicken filling could have done much better with a generous smear of butter in the sandwich, and the filling was mostly tasteless and I gulped this down with hasty sips of coffee to get it over with. My companion looked at me sympathetically as she pierced her egg yolk with the precision of a surgeon with a scalpel.

I was contemplating ordering dessert, but post-sandwich, I was not willing to risk that, and my friend was in a bit of a hurry, so we decided to ask for the bill which was a little over 1000/-. Although Flury’s is a heritage place, the pricing as well as the presentation, leaves a lot to be desired. “Its nostalgia”, many would say, but I must say, time to make acquaintances with a few new places, move on, and create new nostalgic moments.

18, Park Street
Kolkata – 700030
Phone: +91 33 4000 7453

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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