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Solace – the first day spa in Kolkata, in association with Dr. Blossom Kochhar, Chairperson, Blossom Kochhar Group of Companies, launched two new Spa Treatments for the season:  Crème De La Café Body Treatment and Body Polishing with Chakra Bath Salts followed by a Detox Bamboo Charcoal Facial Crème De la Cafe, available as a body wrap treatment combines the goodness of coffee and milk. It helps to eliminate the toxins from the body while the caffeine in it decreases the cellulite deposits.  This treatment improves the circulation while moisturising and nourishing the skin. There is also a Body Polishing with Chakra Salts, where the Chakra Bath Salts Body Polishing combines a rich blend of sea salt minerals with essential oils for varied benefits.  Launched in 5 variants each salt corresponds to a particular mood.

1. ORANGE : Increases  passion, sexuality, tantra and creativity

2. YELLOW :  Helps in gathering strength and power , increases vitality and energy

3. GREEN : Helps in prosperity, abundance and grounding

4. BLUE : Increases the ability to express, resonate and communicate

5. PINK : Helps in Love, Balance and Harmony

The Detox Bamboo Charcoal Facial contains activated carbon and various minerals that help to draw out dirt and oils that block the pores. It helps in enhancing the quality of skin through deep cleansing and smoothening.

Mrs. Yashodhara Khaitan, Director, Solace said, “Both these treatments help to relieve the stress and tension of everyday life and we hope each one of you can benefit from the same.  We are going to bring some more exotic spa services shortly.” The treatments are reasonably priced: Crème de La Café at Rs 2750, Detox Bamboo Charcoal Facial at Rs. 1500 and the Chakra Bath Salts Body Polish at Rs 2500.To avail of these exotic treatments, please contact Solace at 4, Sunny Park at 91-33-3053
9300/9301 for booking an appointment.

My Experience of Detox Bamboo Charcoal Facial by Blossom Kochhar:

I went and availed the Detox Bamboo Charcoal Facial which was a 30-minute procedure. This particular facial consists of a number of steps. After I entered Solace, I changed into a comfortable and clean set of garb inside one of their spacious rooms specifically designed for a relaxing facial and spa. I told the massage therapist that I wanted to get my eyebrows threaded before I started the session, and she complied.

Then, after lying down, she started by cleaning my face with a fragrant cleanser, removing the dirt on my skin that might have accumulated. She massaged  the cleanser in, and then removed with a warm, damp towel. Then, she applied a gel mask, which set within a few minutes. During this time, she gave me a lovely foot rub which almost put me to sleep.

After the foot rub, she removed the gel mask, and then applied a cream on my skin, and gave me a massage for a while, which was quite relaxing. The final touch was applying a touch of serum after the procedure was over. The whole process took half an hour, and I saw the results later, when my skin looked much cleaner and tighter.

Blossom Kochhar’s Bamboo Charcoal Facial is a great offer for those who are looking to get a quick fix for their skin. Its great for tired skin, and after a week, I can say, it did not break me out or have any negative effects on my skin. So, yes, I have already decided to book a second session with them next month. They also have the Chakra Sea Salt Facial, which looks quite interesting, so I might go for that as well.

two days after the facial

Disclaimer: Poorna Banerjee received a voucher to try the facial at Solace by the brand. 

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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