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Bedhead by TIGI fascinated me with its name and I ordered some of the items months ago, when it was first launched. So, when I was invited to a special preview to watch Ralf Boss, TIGI Creative Director Taiwan and Asia Pacific at Someplace Else, The Park, naturally, I was excited to see what he would be doing. With a huge range of products, TIGI has something for everyone, and Ralph showed us a few products which can definitely be incorporated to give your hair a brand new look.

Ralf used a couple of products on the model’s hair to create a few looks. From straight hair, to curls, and adding volume to it, the best part about TIGI is the versatility, which was clearly seen. Ralf used a taming agent first – TIGI After Party, to relax the hair and ensure that it would not frizz up, before he started styling.

Before long, the model sported a very stylish look which was created within minutes. Ralf used a considerable amount of TIGI X-Factor Vivacious Hair Spray to make sure the hair was in perfect control. Within minutes the curls were perfectly draped around the girl’s shoulder, quickly transformed from a wild mass of tangles. The best part is, the hold can be adjusted according to the amount of product you use on the hair – for a lighter hold, use sparingly.

Ralf added TIGI Bedhead Candy Fixation Sugar Dust to the model’s hair roots, for absorbing the oil and giving the hair a lift. It added texture and volume to the hair, and increased the hair’s bounce too.

The Model 

The products used from TIGI’s Bedhead range were shown by Ralf, who explained the significance of certain products and what they were supposed to do. Personally, I have always loved the quirky packaging of TIGI products, and loved the look of each of them. Some of them are made in a way which make them look deliberately risqué, but that was the fun of it, admitted Ralf.

BEDHEAD by TIGI products

After the demonstration was over, we stayed back for some lovely food and drinks, and received a package of TIGI goodies, most of which I am yet to try out. But I have already tried the glaze haze sample pack, and it is superb for styling. You can check out more aboutTIGI at their Facebook Page.

Bedhead Products I received

Disclaimer: Poorna Banerjee was invited to the BEDHEAD by TIGI event by the brand.

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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