A few days ago, I received a package with Avon Naturals Herbal Glowing Moisturizing Mask and Cream from the kind people of Avon, and I was asked to use them and tell them honestly about the products. I am not exactly someone who would be interested in Fairness products, but when it comes to products which would add glow to the skin, I am quite happy to check them out.

When I got the package, I realized I would have a problem with the packaging – both these products look very similar to each other, and I might end up mixing up between them if I am not careful, since both of them are similar in color and mostly in texture as well, although the mask is considerably more opaque.

However, I have been using both the mask and the cream all through the last month and this one, and I have to say I am quite impressed by both products.

The Mask: Its thick, creamy and opaque, and I generally wash my face with lukewarm water and face wash before applying it and leaving it on for about 15-30 minutes, depending on my inclination to be pampered. After washing off, I see that my face looks clean and has a nice healthy glow to it. Over time, it also improved the texture of my skin. My skin is allergic to a lot of things, and this does not break it out in pimples or hives, which is a major blessing. I generally use a coin-sized amount on my skin, and that is enough.

The Cream: I have been using this cream regularly for a month, and I have to say it is very easily absorbent, and it does not give my skin any allergic reaction even though I have used it with a pretty heavy hand through winter. It has eliminated any dry patches, and hydrates my skin without making it oily.

Both the mask and cream are quite reasonably priced at 249/- each, and they last a good period of time. I think they are pretty good for those who want to improve the texture of their skin, and add a natural glow.

Disclaimer: Poorna Banerjee was sent these products for review purposes. Her opinion is 100% unbiased and honest. 

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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