Asian Paints Nilaya Sabyasachi Collection

Designer Sabyasachi has collaborated recently with Asian Paints to bring a gorgeous set of rich, layered décor into your home with Nilaya, a luxury line of wall covering. Although the brand will be launching pretty soon, here’s a quick preview of their collection, which is divided into five themes, which are India Baroque, Jodhpur, Spice Route, Makhmal, and Varanasi. Each of these lines represent a particular strand of the historic heritage of India, and are unique in their own way.

Nilaya Sabyasachi

The five different themes are quite beautiful in their own way. I received a preview from Asian Paints, where I was able to explore the themes and find out more about them. While India Baroque is all about the richness and glamour of the Kings and Queens of the bygone years, Jodhpur explores the shades of blue, using block prints and paintings to express itself. On the other hand, Spice Route takes you back to the original trail of spices which led people from all around the globe to India, and the colours are inspired by the spices of India, and their lingering warmth.

nilaya designs

Makhmal is a series which explores, beyond everything else, the beauty in texture, and the designs represent the same, with different shades and textures coming in to play. Varanasi depicts the spirituality of the holy city, and its long-standing connection with beautiful, intricately woven sarees which have been created and sold for centuries. Each design is unique and represent the luxury and subtle glamour which Sabyasachi stands for. These wallpapers are a true reflection of the designer.

sabyasachi for nilaya

As a lover of Sabyasachi, I must say the preview looks promising, and the brand has selected Deepika Padukone as their face for this collection. Keep your eyes out for the launch of Sabyasachi for Nilaya during the festive season.

deepika padukone for Nilaya

Disclaimer: Poorna Banerjee was sent a preview of the launch by the brand. 

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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