It was a bright, sunny morning and I was stuck in traffic. The car moved slowly, and I was rapidly getting impatient, so, in the end, I jumped out and walked over the last few hundred meters to my destination: The legendary Park Street.

When Sensodyne and So Kolkata connected with me and asked me to join them for a unique walk, I was quite excited! I love walks, and when they are laced with the promise of food, I am doubly charmed. This was going to be a lovely little foray, where we were sampling food which tested our teeth, but well, I had Sensodyne by my side, so I wasn’t worried much.

the sundae at Flurys

You know how it becomes annoying when you cannot eat the things you want to? I remember hating very cold food, because it would always hurt my teeth, and would end up keeping it aside till it reached a slightly more edible temperature. But well, I have been challenged today – we are going to eat like we should, and so, armed with confidence and a smile, I walk down to Flurys, our first stop.

D getting ready for her shot at Flurys


One of my favourite places to be in the city, Flurys is heritage mixed with a good dose of pink and white décor, and the memories of eating the sickly sweet strawberry cube with my father, promising to never tell ma, flood my mind for a moment as I enter. We are served the tall chocolate sundae, and oh dear, the sundae nearly overflows with ice cream and nuts. I roll up my sleeves and dig in. The sundae is gone in a few minutes, downed in a haze of nuts, fruits and chilled cream. We smack our lips afterwards, and move on to our next stop.

Cha Bar:

I have this thing – I love sitting at Cha Bar inside Oxford Bookstore with a book in my hand which I have just taken off the shelf, and a cup of hot masala tea. They make it strong and piping hot, and what’s life as a Bengali if you cannot appreciate tea? This tea is flavoured with cardamom and ginger, and I sweeten mine mildly before taking a noisy slurp, because that’s how I establish my love for tea.

I’m so kicked to see this drink!

Bodega Cantina Y Bar:

When Bodega first opened up, I was struck by the assortment of fun drinks they had – from the rather ominously named Dias de las Muertes – Day of the Dead – to the spicy Michelada, they have some really nice drinks which are Mexico or Spain-themed. We established our love here through the Frozen Margarita, a concoction with a hefty dose of lime and sugar, and yes, ice. I instinctively cringed inside my head, but then, told myself that it was a frozen margarita, and I have to drink it like it’s supposed to be had – in its slush-like form. So I took a sip, and then another, and well, soon I saw the bottom of the glass.

My walk wouldn’t have been complete without chatting with people who participated in it – we were a group of friends and new acquaintances, and we had a lot of fun trying some of our old favourites as well as new discoveries. While we were eating, the video cameras were on, and you can check it out below:

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Thank you Sensodyne and So Kolkata for such a delightful walk and making me understand how I could #Enjoylikeyoushould! I can’t wait for the next one!

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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