I was recently invited to a talk by Dr. V.R. Vivekanand, courtesy Kama Ayurveda, at Quest Mall, and I was really glad I attended. Not only is Dr. Vivekanand a wonderful orator, but he is also extremely logical and very clear about his views. His brief talk was extremely informative, and there were a few points he wanted to clear. According to him, there are a few reasons why one remedy is not meant for all. This is because:

  1. We have different body types – fire, air and water. We can adhere to one body type, or have characteristics from more than one. 
  2. A person’s body types essentially determine how he/she will turn out. A fire or air type will tend to be more athletic, while the water type will be slower and more relaxed. 
  3. Body types will also come with problems of their own. Air types will tend to have dry hair and skin, sparse hair and hair fall related issues. Water type will tend to gain weight easily and will have heavier flow during periods. Fire types will have oily skin and hair, and be prone to pimples. 

In Ayurveda, different body types will have different kinds of remedies. That is why Kama Ayurveda talks about using a different series of items for different types. Dr. Vivekanand talked about home remedies as well as supplements which should be included in our daily diet and habits in order to become healthier and feel less stressed. For example, he emphasized upon the need for women to have more calcium, especially in the morning, to boost immunity and improve the condition of our teeth and bones. He suggested taking a regular dosage of calcium supplement to keep the immunity stronger. He also emphasized upon the need to sleep and how sleep deprivation and incorrect sleeping times can really affect the body in a bad manner. Sleeping during the night is one of the best ways to reduce stress.

He also answered a number of beauty related questions, one of which was asked by my friend D who blogs from Poutprettty. He talked about the effects of the fabled Kumkumadi oil from Kama Ayurveda. Apart from using it as a beauty oil, you can also inhale two drops of it in the morning, and slowly, you can see the changes in your skin and hair. This reduces premature greying of hair, and slowly, your hair will improve both in quality and texture.

I saw a very impressive collection of Kama Ayurveda items on display, and naturally gravitated towards them. There were a lovely array of natural products, including Kumkumadi and Bhringadi oil, as well as an impressive display of soaps, cleansers, pure rosewater, and lip balms, and I received a number of products to try out.

Smoke House Deli provided some lovely nibbles for the event, and I did love the goat cheese and spinach pizza, which was thin and delicate with tiny smidgens of goat cheese, and the sweet nut cakes which were quite dense and rich. I also could not stop sipping the rose lemonade, which was floral and refreshing, and a great accompaniment to the food.

Disclaimer: Poorna Banerjee was invited to the event sponsored by Kama Ayurveda. 

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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