Going “straight” for a week has its tolls.

Especially on the taste buds.

But, the good news is, I always have the memories.

These memories were made with M. I dedicate this plate to her, because it was her idea to eat at Zeeshan.

And although I have no pictures to show where Zeeshan is (well, it’s beside Quest Mall, if you are looking for Location Specification. Or near Park Circus. If you want to know which area it is.), I would leave with a lovely memory of complete silence, and pieces of chicken cooked just right, not too soft, or too chewy, but perfectly melded into the oily gravy which we mopped up with some paper thin roomali rotis. And afterwards, M wanted a firni, which she claimed to be very good. I was not going to spoil my taste of the Chicken Chaap I had just consumed… rich, spicy, trailing oil (but in a good way!), and smelling of nirvana.

Our two plates of chicken, two rotis and a firni was around 350/- . Just saying.


17, Syed Amir Ali Avenue,
Phone: 033-22806842
Written by Poorna Banerjee

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