Friends are precious – they are the ones who keep you going in times of trouble, they share your good times as easily as the bad ones, and they support you through your life. Some friends might leave after a point, and some may not, but it is never too late to make new friends and new memories which will last you a lifetime. And good friendship needs a bit of extra to make the bonds stronger.
You cannot just call every single scotch whiskey you taste fabulous. Some might be good, some are all right, and some are exceptional. The ones which fall in the third category need some space of their own, some moments of pure bliss where you just sit and relax with them, and enjoy them in their truest form.
With light yet defined tasting notes, Triple Gold Reserve from Black Dog is an exceptionally flavorful scotch. That makes it a fabulous drink to savor, especially in good company.
For me, a good scotch whiskey needs no accompaniment. The taste, the flavor, and the beautiful aroma is what brings everything together, making it perfect for you to sit and unwind with a bunch of friends who appreciate good booze like you do.
A great time will be to sit with them, and maybe introduce them to a brand new set of tasting notes. Triple Gold Reserve is a thrice-refined blend, and it suits the palate of most whiskey lover. Matured and distilled perfectly, this is the best way of invoking old memories, remembering the days of the past, and making new memories with old friends.
You just cannot rush it. You cannot rush the heady pleasure of being with friends who enjoy your company. Take some time out, bring out a bottle, and call up a few near ones you would want to spend your time with after a hard day’s work.
Disclaimer: This post is in association with Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve.The content is meant for age 25 or more.
Written by Poorna Banerjee

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