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I was one of those kids who would be politely called a parental nightmare. But, the best thing was, if someone gave me a book, I would sit down and quietly read it. Once it was over, I would again go back to being a nightmare, though. However, in the course of time, I found two things which fascinated me. One was the art of cooking, and the other was the art of palm reading.

Strangely enough, I started cooking and reading about palmistry at the age of 9, when I was curious to learn about both. My studies were neglected, my friends missed me – I would be immersed in books of Cheiro and Julia Child, reading palms of my friends and telling them absurd stories about themselves, or cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

I never thought I would be challenged for doing both simultaneously. But at one point of time in my life, I was told by my mother – ‘you can’t be both you know. Choose what you want to be, a good cook or a good mystic’.

I retorted, ‘I can be both. I can write about food just as well as I can read your destiny.’

That is where it all begun.

I stuck to my theory – I would study about both and practice both, and not back down. As I learned new cooking methods, cuisines, and dishes in one hand, on the other hand, my expertise moved from the palm to the horoscope, and then landed on reading tarot. I discovered that people came to me for advice – and I gave it. Essentially work is work, and the more dedication you show to it, the better the results.

So there! I refused. Today I work as a food writer and restaurant critic, running a successful blog, and I also have a considerable number of clients who come to me for astrology-related advice, or to learn about themselves through tarot. I divide my time between them, and I must say, it has been a rewarding experience. My reviews on my blog as well as recipes are liked by many, who share and comment on it. 

On the other hand, sessions of tarot or palmistry have helped countless people into dealing with their issues in life in a better and more comprehensive manner. At the end of the day, my mother remarks on the way I juggle both easily, balancing between a food critic and an astrologer. 

That fills me up with joy to no end, I tell you! 

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Written by Poorna Banerjee

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