They are bubbly, they are chirpy, and they are positively happy to declare that they are up to no good! When the White Mischief Girls, part of the Royal Challengers Bangalore Entourage came to Kolkata, I was excited to meet them, and they were all that I was hoping for, and more!

However, surprising them in the middle of the day was probably the best idea – they were up and about, and totally raring to go! I met them right before the Indian Premier League Match (Royal Challengers Bangalore Versus Kolkata Knight Riders) last Saturday, and boy, were they a bunch of fun. While we spoke, the girls got ready for action, and indulged me by answering my questions which I threw at them.

Needless to say, they are articulate, gracious, and extremely charming – never an awkward moment with them! I loved their energy and when I spoke to some of them individually, realized that most of them were here for the fun, and they have diverse academic and professional background. Also, after a while, I realized that this stuff was hard work! Whew!

How is the tour going so far?

Oh you know, its hard work – but we love it. To keep ourselves fit, we go to the gym to work out and make sure we give out 100% when the time comes. We also love doing loads of fun stuff after work, and we love the energy.

Were you expecting the heat? 

Well, to be honest, we were expecting heat, but not this much of humidity, especially in some of the cities like Kolkata. Kolkata is very humid – it makes this more difficult. But we love what we do. It is really important to keep the team’s spirit up, and RCB has been having a decent time. 

So do you like Kolkata?

Apart from the humidity, yes, we love it. Its a lovely city, and the crowd is so enthusiastic. They cheer for their favorite, but they love watching a good shot happen – and appreciate it a lot. Truly, a very sporting city.  Also, good food, good nightlife. What’s not to like?

What do you think sets you guys apart from the rest?

(The girls smile at this) We’re very dedicated. Our team is an international one, and we make sure that our work is up to the international level. Plus, we make sure our work is consistently changing and improving all the time, so that we can present our best front to the audience.  It is a good thing to see the crowds go wild with us, we love seeing them dance with us.

So what tips would you give someone who might want to groove with you?

Hey, if you want to groove with us, you have to be confident and fun. We love confidence. And we are all about fun. And you must have it in you to handle our brand of mischief. We are a naughty bunch (a lot of grins go about). 


You can join the White Mischief Groove by joining them at 

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You are officially allowed to laugh. 😀

Check out the official page here and join them as they dance the night away here.

Disclaimer: To participate in the Groove with the White Mischief Girls, you need to be over the legal drinking age in your country/state/region.  The content shared here is suited to age 25 and above.

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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