Recently, I have been trying out a few different brands of Muesli in India, and I have to say, some of these brands are proving to be quite nice! In the list, here’s the first one up for a review: VLCC Slimmer’s Multigrain Crunchy Nut Mesli.

VLCC Crunchy Nut Muesli

VLCC Slimmer’s Multigrain Crunchy Nut Muesli

VLCC Slimmer’s Crunchy Nut Muesli is priced at 200/- for 250 gm. I recently received a package from the brand, and after trying it out for a couple of weeks, here’s what I think about it.

vlcc muesli

VLCC Slimmer’s Muesli

The idea behind this particular muesli is to substitute honey and apple juice in lieu of the processed sugar that we generally tend to get in a package of muesli. This makes it ideal for those who do not want added sugar to their diet, or are trying to lose weight. Although I am looking for neither, I was curious to see how a no-sugar muesli turned out. The packaging is standard, with a list of ingredients written on the side which shows exactly what goes into this muesli – I could see rolled oats, corn flakes, wheat flakes, and plenty of nuts and raisins. I like that a lot!

ingredients in vlcc crunchy muesli

ingredients in VLCC crunchy muesli

To be fair, I ate this as a snack when I was feeling hungry, by the handful, or, added it to half a cup of cold milk, and I did not let it soak up and become mushy. I like my muesli crunchy, and although many of you are probably gasping out there, that’s what I like, and I am sticking to it.

As you can see from the photo, there’s a considerable amount of wheat flakes and rolled oats in the muesli, which means, a small amount goes a long way. I used double portions when I was mixing it with milk, and, I have to admit, it kept me filled up for hours. The texture of this muesli is quite heavy, and the crunchy almonds really make a difference – snacking on it was fun!

buy muesli india

buy muesli india

After adding milk and a teaspoon of apricot preserves (the no-sugar variety) to about 2 scoops of the muesli and half cup of milk, I proceeded to eat my breakfast. If you love fruits, add them to this concoction, and have a heavy and hearty breakfast before going out. The muesli is not overly sweet, and has a nice smell of apple and honey which does add to it. They also have a fruit-laden version, and I am looking forward to trying that one out too.

Although I have seen no significant change in my body weight after I started to consume this, I do believe that the brand has created a rather interesting version of the muesli, which is tasty and quite enjoyable, both by itself or with milk. It is quite decent, although people who have a sweet tooth will need to add more sweetness to it.

top muesli brands India

Breakfast cereal muesli India

Disclaimer: Poorna Banerjee received the product for review. Her opinion is honest and unbiased.

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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