When I first heard about Mosaic art, I had to express my lack of knowledge in the field. However, when Vandeep Kalra kindly invited me to take a look at the things she had in her studio, I decided to go over and check it out. Vandeep has a beautiful collection of stunning pieces which she has created over the years.

About Vandeep Kalra: She is a self-taught artist, who has painted and experimented with different art mediums for more than a decade. An eternal quest for a true reflection of her creative instincts led her to the world of mosaic art. All her products are personally hand-crafted, making them truly one of a kind and cannot be found anywhere else in India. 

Mosaic art was something she had started experimenting with, and as a medium, it is much more difficult, and a lot of hard work. She is inspired by many things – her love for colors, designs, and the things she sees around her. A picture of Aliens might be the inspiration for her next piece of art, or a veiled woman. The mosaic shapes itself around a mirror, or weaves itself into a clock, and seamlessly creates a stunning look which is truly beautiful.

I saw the repetition of a few themes – for example, the figure of the woman, the tree, moon and the sun, they were recurring patterns in her work, and she emphasized upon the various parts of the woman – the eyes, specifically, from the ones that are half-covered with a veil, to the ones which are emphasized with a glowing red bindi in the center of the forehead. Vandeep brings together powerful elements and makes each design unique and unusual.

In case you love the work, you can see more at her website, http://vandeepkalra.com/ where she has unique pieces on sale. You can also follow her Facebook page, where you can check out her latest updates.  

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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