Irani Keema Pao

Bon Appetit’s Salt Lake and Hazra outlets will be carrying a special Valentine’s Week menu all through this Saturday to the next one. R, my friend and the owner, asked me to come over and taste what he had on offer, and I found myself sitting down with a group of fellow foodies, waiting for food to hit the table. The preview of the menu given to me looked good, but then, I know that when R makes his menus, he tends to put out all stops.

Lebanese Wraps – Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian Versions

We started off with the wraps – both Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian version. The wraps come with a bread which is whole-wheat and quite earthy, with a creamy drizzle of sauce inside, which infuses well with the filling. I have to say, although the chicken wrap was good, the vegetarian one, with broccoli, was better, with the crunch from the vegetables within the warm roll.

Brandy Laced Hot Chocolate

With our wraps came the brandy laced hot chocolates, which are one step over Bon Appetit’s signature hot chocolate. Laced with a hefty dose of brandy and with some alcohol-soaked dry fruits in the bottom, this was sweet, with a heap of cream on top. Although I am a purist when it comes to hot chocolate – I prefer mine without cream or alcohol or other stuff, but this concoction quite warmed me up, but a kick from the alcohol which really hit the spot, to be plain.

Devilled Salami and Cheese Sandwich (L), Devilled Paneer and Cheese Sandwich

R had warned me that I would like the Devilled sandwiches, and well, I did, the salami sandwich disappeared quickly, and the soft paneer, my eternal weakness, bathed in a fiery hot sauce, followed suit.

Bombay Pao Bhaji (L), Irani Keema Pao (R)

I was looking forward to sampling the keema pao again, which is reminds me somehow of the keema my mother makes on rare occasions. R had told me about the Pao Bhaji, mild and not too spicy, with a well-rounded set of flavors.

Prawn and Thai Curry Pizza

For Valentine’s Day, R had decided on a Thai Curry base for his pizzas. The menu this year, he explained, was based on subtle aphrodisiacs, and the restrain he showed while executing the menu, was remarkable. He explained about adding ingredients which were considered to warm up the body and act as aphrodisiacs.

Zucchini and Thai Curry Pizza

The pizzas were heart shaped, and we squealed over the cuteness of it, and there were three kinds – with prawn, paneer, or zucchini. I am allergic to prawns, so ended up tasting the other two. The pizzas were with thin crusts, a light layer of cheese, and plenty of topping.

Grilled Chocolate and Strawberry Sandwich

But what is a good Valentine’s Day menu without some dessert? Although these chocolate and strawberry sandwiches, filled with a hefty dose of chocolate pudding and cooked strawberries, then grilled to perfection, were really addictive, I was sort of bowled over by the other dessert in the menu.

Belgian Mocha and Caramel Shots 

Knowing me, R had pulled out the stops on the Belgian mocha and caramel shots, with a thick layer of caramel at the bottom, topped with dark chocolate, and then covered with cream and butterscotch balls. There was a layer of caramel spread on top, and I fought with quite a few people to get the last bits of it, using my finger to scoop out the last bits of the caramel from the bottom of the cup.

The Valentine’s Day menu is available through 7th to 14th February at both Bon Appetit Salt Lake outlet (AD block), and Hazra (near Jatin Das Park Metro station). All the items on this menu are priced between 40/- INR to 145/- INR 145/- .

Heartbreak Pizza
Written by Poorna Banerjee

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