Be honest – there are times in life when you just need to keep calm and wait for the weekends to happen to you. This can start on a Monday when you just got back to work, and your entire body protests about it. You just do not want to go to work, do you? But well, work is work, and you must carry on, and the days blur into each other till suddenly you see weekend looming ahead. 
Ah, good times, good times! The weekend!
So, while during the week, your solace was probably sitting with a glass of your favorite scotch after a hard day’s work, the weekend brings in a promise of something more. It is the perfect time to chill with people you love and care about. It is the best time for having a little house party and you invite people over for some relaxing time.
And how do you chill?
Well, simply open up a bottle of Triple Gold Reserve, and pour over some ice, and let the weekend begin! While, during the week, you need to worry about the day after, getting up in time to go to work, or thinking about myriad things related to work, the weekend is the perfect time for some serious chilling, where you just don’t have to think about getting up late, at least for one day!
Whether it’s a planned meeting, or just an unplanned session with friends, sitting together with a bunch of people and drinking some good booze and food is a great way of kicking off a weekend. Either order good food from outside, or cook food at home, but make sure the golden flow of conversation and liquor do not run out. Drink responsibly, and if you are drinking heavily, make plans to stay over. After all, it is the weekend, and you are with friends, right?
Disclaimer: This post is written in association with Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve. The content is meant for age 25 or more.

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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