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I am always planning my next trip, and I use the Skyscanner app pretty extensively to check prices for the places I want to travel to. Skyscanner has crunched data from thousands of searches to reveal to me the flight cost for a few destinations I want to travel to in 2018, therefore, setting a number of travel goals for me in 2018. So, without further ado, check out my four destination goals of 2018.

Bali, Indonesia

To be fair, I really want to go to Indonesia, especially to Southern Kalimantan, which has been a goal for some time now. Borobudur and Bali comes a close second. The month of June looks good, with about INR 17000 return flight tickets from Kolkata.

Travel Goals 2018

Travel Goals 2018

Gold Coast, Australia

Known for its beachy vibes and sea breeze, Gold Coast is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular destinations in Australia. It has breath-taking landscapes, a lively nightlife, exotic animals and beautiful beaches that is right up my alley. Average Price from Kolkata to Gold Coast is about INR 26,000 (as per my SkyScanner app).

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague has been ranked the fifth most visited European city and the city’s colorful baroque buildings, Gothic churches, medieval Astronomical Clock and museums, paired with the famous Czech beer offer an authentic experience for travelers.
The cheapest price for a flight from Kolkata to Czech Republic is around INR 44,000, which isn’t half bad!

Cairo, Egypt

Located on the banks of River Nile, Cairo is home to quintessential Egyptian culture and magnificent pyramids. The historical attractions are innumerable and are bound to take you back in time. Full of vigor, the city leaves travelers awe-inspired with its ancient architecture. The cheapest prices from Kolkata to Egypt I found is, right now, INR 35,000 (May-June). It is advised to book tickets at least 8 weeks before the actual journey.

Disclaimer: This post is written in association with Skyscanner.

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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